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Malaysia Drone Technology (MyDroneTech) Initiative

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New Altitude
At the forefront of the national Drone Technology (DroneTech) industry development initiative is MRANTI leading as part of our mandate to catalyse emerging technology  innovations adoption and create a future economy.
Leading Malaysia’s
DroneTech Revolution
Over the years, drones have transformed our daily lives, providing innovative solutions to real-world problems across various industries. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for drone tech to transform businesses and industries from agriculture and construction to security and surveillance.


Solution providers
CVCs, VCs, Angel Investors, Grant providers
Government agencies
Event organizers
Media agencies


In September 2022, the Malaysian government announced the Malaysia Drone Technology Action Plan 2022-2030 (MDTAP30) as a national agenda, led by MRANTI under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). The plan involves all DroneTech ecosystem partners, including key authorities such as CAAM, MCMC, and JUPEM, to ensure industry growth while maintaining safety standards. MRANTI serves as the coordinating agency and updates progress through the MED4IRN council's Emerging Technology Cluster Committee, formed under the Malaysia Digital Blueprint initiative.

MDTAP30 Strategic Mission

Develop a nationwide Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system that will facilitate the Drone Tech Industry growth

Provide agriculture sector a scalable solution that will address the labour shortage challenges and achieve higher yields

Provide support for security and rescue forces to respond more quickly and safely during emergency or disaster periods

Develop competent and skilled workforce that meets the needs of the Drone Tech Industry

Establish Manufacturing & Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities and operations for the Drone Tech Industry

Provide an effective means for medical supply logistics in rural areas

Provide an Urban Air Mobility solution as a sustainable and cost-effective transportation alternative

Provide a robust smart city management solution for private sector, state and federal governments

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Selected winners stand a chance to secure cash prizes worth RM 5,000 and In-kind benefits such as but not limited to:

Market Access

(Local & International)

Funding Facilitation


Testbed & Enviroment Facilitation

DroneTech Sandbox Cyberjaya, Iskandar & FELDA Mempaga

Facilitation / Review of Regulations & Laws

(Facilitation with related government agencies - JAKUAS)

Multi-Industry Adoption

MRANTI is leading the industry development initiatives as part of its mandate to develop emerging technologies solutions and create a future economy in Malaysia that is expected to contribute RM 50bil in GDP and create 100,000 job opportunities by 2030.

MDTAP30 key missions focus on the development of a national Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system, a digital drone registration portal, special drone use-case adoption in key sectors and talent development such as the accreditation of Remote Pilot Training Organisations (RPTO).

Key Areas

Drone Talent Development
Market Access
Funding Facilitation
Testbed & Environment Facilitation
Technology Research Development & Commercialisation
Multi Industry Adoption
Conservation & Agriculture
Filmmaking / Photography / Recreation
Defence / Law Enforcement
Disaster Mitigation & Relief
Internet Service Provider
Real Estate / Construction Planning

DroneTech Development 2020 - 2021

Drone Ecosystem Sandbox Roadmap (DESR) Completed
Launch of Drone Test Site, Cyberjaya
Launch of Area57, TPM
Launch of DRZ Iskandar, Johor
2 Remote Pilot Training Organisations (RPTO) Appointed by CAAM
Civil Aviation Directive (CAD) 6011 For UAS developed by CAAM

Drone for Good: PTK2DRON

Pasukan Tindakan Kecemasan Khas Dron (PTK2Dron) - PTK2 Dron is a mission that is part of MDTAP30 (mission 3) which aims to provide support for security and rescue forces to respond faster and safer using drone and robotic technologies during emergencies or disasters in Malaysia.

The initiative was set up by the Ministry of Technology, Science and Technology (MOSTI) in 2021 led by MRANTI as the coordinating agency to provide assistance to flood victims through the cooperation of local authorities as well as industry and selected drone players.
This effort involves several ministries and government agencies including the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), Fire Department (BOMBA), National Disaster Relief Management Agency (NADMA), Department of Survey and Mapping (JUPEM) and Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA).

Through PTK2Dron 2022, selected drone and technology companies have been reviewed and assigned to provide related solutions such as surveillance, monitoring, and data analysis to assist the disaster response team and be ready to be activated in areas throughout Malaysia.


We work hand-in-hand with corporate entities, government agencies, training institutions, universities, and industry players to offer the most cutting-edge talent development programs, reskilling opportunities, upskilling initiatives, and future-proof talent readiness initiatives for the booming DroneTech industry. Join forces with MRANTI to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and be at the forefront of the next generation of technology.


We believe in providing market access and opportunities to DroneTech companies and talented individuals to showcase their potential and grow their businesses. Our internal programmes are designed to provide capability building, mentorship, and funding opportunities; giving them the necessary tools to succeed in the industry. Explore MRANTI’s Internal Programmes:


We actively support the DroneTech community by providing visibility and exposure through supported events and conferences, providing the opportunity to showcase solutions and services to a wider audience to reach potential customers and partners. Where you might have seen us:


Connecting, catalysing, and collaborating, we forge partnerships and facilitate discussions with regulators and authorities to enhance policies and promote safe drone operations and practices across Malaysia.

To know more about the drone regulations in Malaysia, refer to these documents from CAAM, SIRIM and JUPEM.

Funding Facilitation

We assist our partners in accessing funding opportunities, enabling them to commercialise innovative solutions and take their DroneTech businesses to the next level of growth.

Testbed & Environment Facilitation

We understand the importance of testing and validating drone technology solutions in real-life environments before being adopted on a larger scale. We provide access to test site facilities so that innovative dronetech solutions are able to be tested in a safe and controlled environment to ensure they meet the necessary safety and industrial standards.


- 5 Acres Testbed
- 300m square drone netting
- Drone testing mock-up sites
- Prototype development
- Services and maintenance workshop

DroneTech Sandbox Cyberjaya

- Drone Demonstration
- Drone Training
- Drone Delivery

DRZ Iskandar

- 1200 hectares of mature oil palm plantation
- 25 acres for Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) drone test zone
- 3000 acres for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone test zone


- 3.1 acres of drone racing action
- 35km from Kuantan
- Drone Racing
- Drone Training
- Drone Demonstration

Multi-Industry Adoption

OFO Tech


Asset Inspection

Disaster Operations
Aeca Solution

Medical Delivery

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