Bringing big

Ideas to Impact

True impact begins when big ideas are given even bigger launchpads.

MRANTI is Malaysia’s answer to fast-tracking the commercialisation of its technology and innovation to stand tall amongst the world’s best.
Our Mantra

Return on Ideas

Malaysians have always believed in raising the bar above the world’s expectations.

Our unique potential for path-breaking innovations is derived from Malaysia’s diversity, the ingenuity of its people, and its economic strength.

At MRANTI, we apply an approach built on speed, synergy and scalability to technology and innovation commercialisation.

By continuing to raise the bar, that value is well within our reach. Our only limit is the magnitude of our ideas.

This is the power of the new ROI — Return on Ideas.

Our Story

Uplifting Our Tomorrow

At MRANTI, our network branches across diverse industries, and our foundation is solidly rooted in tech and innovation. These are the elements that will uplift Malaysians towards making tremendous impact at every level.

Our strong connection with the community creates a solid foundation for shaping the future of our nation. We give our imaginations the platform they deserve so we all can create an impact. 

This is what drives us at MRANTI. 

By propelling an end-to-end, streamlined ecosystem accelerating the creation, development, and commercialisation of technology and innovation we're on a mission to inject all great ideas with the fuel to become future-ready solutions. 

Our Inspiration

Rising Above Today, Meranti

We looked to the tallest heights for inspiration and to the far-reaching roots our ecosystem needs.

To reflect our ingenuity and strength as a nation that dreams big and does bigger.

We are inspired by Meranti tree - standing strong and tall above the canopy.

Rising above today and uplifting our tomorrow.

Our Commitment

We Make Ideas Impactful

Without the right platform, ideas are just ideas. At MRANTI, we provide our community of researchers and innovators with the right platform for ideas and purposeful innovations to thrive and make an impact.

Enabled by the Government, industry, academia, and community, each stage of your innovation journey is supported and accelerated to commercialisation.


Accelerating the Commercialisation of R&D

What We Do

Proof of Concept (POC)

Technologies / Solutions are researched based on industry demands to develop proofs of concept that will lead to an innovation / Intellectual Property (IP).

Idea / Research

Research Prototype

IP Protection

Working Prototype and Commercially Feasible

Technologies / Solutions are built into prototypes, which are then tested and assessed for industry relevance, and subsequently for feasibility and commercial viability.

Commercialisation Approach

Integration & Collaboration

Industry Prototype

Testing & Validation

Scalable Products / Technologies

Technologies / Solutions are manufactured at scale and supported for regulatory certification, investor and market access to support its achievement of commercial returns (including licensing, spin-off, joint ventures, etc.).

Regulatory Certification

Manufacture & scale up

Commercial Deployment

How We Do It

Building Partnerships

Technologies / Solutions are researched based on industry demands to develop proofs of concept that may lead to an innovation / Intellectual Property (IP).

Deploying Interventions & Programmes

Navigating technological and obstacles can be challenging. We are here to support technology seekers and providers with the necessary and wide range of programmes and interventions to accelerate commercialisation.

Providing Facilities & Infrastructure

With our strong roots in technology park management, we are able to provide our growing state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructures and facilities to nurture the growth of innovation like Ai, IoT, Blockchain and more.

Enabling Technologies

Focused on technological commercialisation, MRANTI is committed to break the boundaries of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through five 4IR enabling technologies.

Together with the return on ideas, Malaysia will lead at the forefront of regional technological advancement.

Internet of things

Artifical Intelligence

Cloud Computing & BIG DATA

Advanced Materials & TecH



Your ideas drive and inspire us

When shared ambitions converge, fresh ideas are born. 
Have Your Say
Elevate our dreams and bring them to MRANTI. Where here, we evolve dreams to reality.
building up a regional tech ecosystem hub to accelerate brighter and greater future
Tham Kok Tong
Livestock Smart Ai monitoring and tracking system
Azman Salam
May I know where is MRANTi location?
Matt Lai
Towards successful enablement for all entrepreneurs in Malaysia
Julian Vincent
to create self sustainable integrated healthcare system which will be easy ,accessible and affordable.Sametime can be depolyed in any corner of world despite of infrastructure
to help our economy growth by utilising the function of cloud technlogy
Syamil Mazlan
Making Healthcare Prestigious , We are the manpower to ensure healthcare is prestigious here
Dr Nash
Bringing the reality of Digitalization
dream big and go global
Tim Draper
Bringing the reality of Digitalization
To be able to digitize conventional method of advertising and signages
Jeffery Chee Chun Wai
a connected supply chain - enabling seamless fulfilment.
Zhen Cui
To have a world class cyber security company founded from Malaysia
Hon Fun Ping
TPM should become national Emerging Digital R&D hub to support and transform industries and education in 21st Century and empower startups.
Luke Raj
Develop a marketplace to help farmers channel their produce effectively and get fair price in return. Improve efficiency and accessibility; reduce surplus and food waste
Produce local Malaysian Innovator with a world-class innovation.
Haikal Iqbal
Digitize government process and workflow
Innovation as second nature, our DNA. And Malaysians generating wealth from their inventions.
Hope all those text or speeches are................ .
Zainudin IDRIS
to have best of breed new ideas, that encompasses IT, Biz and solutions, rolled into one working product, applying best practice methods to make it world class and sustainable.
Michael Kum
better coordination between players of the eco-system (starting with local and eventually regional and beyond) to help drive efficiency, reduce overlaps and wastage (time, resources, opportunities and capital). Let's do this better!
Saifulbahri Hassan
connecting smart medical devices to deliver better healthcare services
Brian Bong
I wish Malaysia can be one day can have all the car on the road with carbon free. We can save our second generation or third generation better future. I think Malaysia can make hydrogen our new energy other than petroleum.
CY Lai
leveraging AI in providing hyper-personalized & holistic solutions covering Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery & Mindfulness.
Toh Yen Kee
Produce local Malaysian innovator with world class innovation.
Haikal Iqbal
coding curriculum will be mandatory to primary and secondary schoolers... i believe malaysia can be the next powerhouse in IT if this thing being implemented..
Baharuddin Jusup
Hope to next disruptive technology happen here
for Malaysia to be the leader for social innovation in the region, by having bottom up approaches that drive progressive policymaking
Can produce employees or a generation that is Technology literate on par with the IR4.0 era
Mohd Najmi bin Thamsir
To see Mranti continue to champion and support social entrepreneurship and be the agency to continue making impact across various sectors.
Finally! An end-to-end initiative that is well structured to bring ideas into commercialisation stage.
Mazlan Abbas
Give the gift to the giveted & make it shine
DZ Tan
Is to provide a more sustainable transport system by enabling the current vehicles to be greener and more fuel efficient
Timothy Tay
Commercialisation of UV technology with innovation applications
Jerry Goh
also thinking about "Towards Society 5.0" co existing with IR4.0
To enable kids and teens to solve real world problems through computer science education!
Kee Chong Wei
Building an AI ecosystem to help develop Malaysia industry and accelerate the advent of sustainable energy.
Mohamed Iza
Be the bridge to help us Malaysians bring our ideas to global stage, impacting the world.
It doesn’t matter how small the forward steps are. Keep pushing forward.
I aspire MRANTI to be the catalyst in driving Malaysia becoming Technology Originator by converting ideas into impact!
Amiruddin Shukor
to accelerate Industrial Revolution 4.0 for 1000 small manufacturers within 3 years, by providing them a platform to build a custom industrial automation system 200x faster and 10x cheaper, with 1000+ pre-built templates based on our 10 years experience, in supply chain management.
Kai Chew
Indeed great initiative. Malaysia keep inspiring.
Dani Hussain
To further realise innovation ideas to reality with the right platform and strong foundation.
Mir Aqeel Mir Anuar
Eliminate all paper receipts and go digital
Kenny Chin
to see Malaysian company in world technology unicorn list.
A Blockchain charity app that can make sure the unfortunate get 100% of the contribution from donor
Ryan Chuah
Developing smart solutions for farmers
Whan Mugilan
Is manufacturing AI Vending Machine in Malaysia and export to global region
Lance Ong
reimagine the future of work in this 21st century
Gurpreet Singh
I hope to see more local innovations making impact beyond our region.
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