Living Labs

5G Living Lab

Digital Nasional to undertake 5G infrastructure building over the next 10 years (2021-2030) which allow MRANTI to shore up the tech ecosystem startups

5G Coverage

Outdoor public 5G network is available in most areas of MRANTI park.

Area 57
AV Living Lab
Smart Farming
Development Centre

Aiming 1000 Technopreneurs Benefited By 5G Facilities

Benefits of shared 5G infrastructure
Shared infrastructure reduces capital expenditure & operating expenditure for telcos - who will only incur about 1/3 of the cost
Generate new revenue streams by offering 5G services
Enables operators to focus on 4G coverage, migrate 3G subscribers to 4G and improve customer experience
Early access to 5G
Empowering and integrating the rakyat into the digital economy
Translating into lower 5G costs
Bridging the urban-rural digital divide