Technology and Innovation Essentials

Ideate, validate & adopt advanced technology tools to bring your ideas to life with MRANTI. We offer guidance & expert insights on thought leadership, current trends, challenges & opportunities to accelerate your ideas to commercialisation.

Who is it for?
Working Professionals
Startups / SMEs

Programme Benefits

Build Impactful Product

Participants are able to redefine their idea using design thinking and sustainable development goals

Validate Market and Business Model

Participants are able to map out their business model, financial model and test out the market that they want to penetrate

Create Stunning Prototype

Participants are able to create an effective prototype for their idea and create a landing page to promote their idea

Deliver Pitch Effectively

Participants are able to transform their pitch (and pitch deck) into a sales tool that can help them gain more trust from the general public

Assistance for Incorporation

Eligible participants, who would like to incorporate their company, will be assisted by an appointed company secretary...

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