Technology and Innovation Bootcamp

Advance your demand-driven ideas to commercialisation with our intensive output-driven prototype development courses made for researches, innovators & early-stage companies.

Why Our Innovation Bootcamp is for You
The Bootcamp is designed in accordance with the framework of 10-10 Malaysian Science, Technology, Innovation and Economy (MySTIE), developed by Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM), which addresses national & global issues.

The curriculum would equip participants with the right tools & methods in bringing & refining ideas into viable innovative solutions. Personalised interventions, such as coaching, mentoring, industry matching & many more, are available to assist you on your idea commercialisation acceleleration journey.

The next stage of your commercialisation journey will continue with integrated infrastructural support or capacity building programmes provided by MRANTI.
Tech / Industry  Focus
Preferred Industry
Medical & Healthcare
Water & Food
Financial & Business Services
Data & IOT
Artificial Intelligence
Deep Tech & Dronetech


2022 | Season 1
25 - 29 July 2022
Application Is
Now Open!
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Who is it for?
Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Validation & development of ideas & prototypes
Scientists & Researchers
Commercialisation of ideas & research
Pursue an entrepreneurship journey
Corporate Entrepreneurs
Sponsored and/or supported by corporations as part of internal innovation effort  


Application Now Open for Submission!
Application Closes
23 September 2022
Bootcamp Commencing
3 - 7 October 2022
Any subject matter expert consultancy
For more information, please download the Bootcamp Brief Pack

Module Overview

Idea validation and Reiteration
Business model refinement
Stakeholder mapping, identify customers
Build prototype/MVP
IP & Commercialisation
Pitch craft: Curate Deck & Presentation
Tech 101 on Data, IOT, AI, blockchain and Drone
Tech advisory on adoption to current solution ideas
Sharing session


You are encouraged to register as a company (or at least an Enterprise) to participate in selected services or programmes provided by MRANTI
Application must comprise a team of 2 individuals
At Least one team member must have tech/programming experience
Team must have a viable idea or prototype to submit as an application and ready to develop further
2019-2020 Bootcamp Highlights
The sessions like ideation allow me to zoom out and allow me to view my whole problem space. Even though I've already done it before, doing it again allows me to bring a new pair of eyes in.
The sessions like ideation allow me to zoom out and allow me to view my whole problem space. Even though I've already done it before, doing it again allows me to bring a new pair of eyes in.

Why Join MRANTI Bootcamp?

Commercialization knowledge

Learn the essentials of developing ideas into viable prototype


Access to experts and mentors for guidance


Opportunity to develop your prototype while forging partnerships with other startups, partners and  other MRANTI programme opportunities

Virtual incubation space

Gain the access to the services provided by MRANTI such as prominent office address and many more  (*subject to approval and availability)

MRANTI services and facilities

Get insights on other services such as Intellectual Property (IP), Engineering, Tech and IT

Incorporation services

The top 5 teams with potentials to commercialize, will be offered with 1 year support of registering the business (Enterprise/Sdn Bhd/LLP) via appointed company secretary which also include the first year incorporation fee

Bootcamp Alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join the bootcamps without proposing an idea?
Do I need to have a business model ready before the camp?
Why do I need to register my startups?
I already have a product/service with some traction. Can I still apply?

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