Living Labs

BioScience Tech

Envisioned as an innovation hub to commercialise tech-driven solution under Agriculture sector

Integrated Facilities Towards Sustainable Agriculture Zone

This will showcase an all-new extended and advance bioscience facilities with strong network of experts, shared testbed for agropreneurs, technopreneurs, startups and agritech training programmes.

Co-Working Lab and indoor vertical farm to be established by 2023.
Happening Now
As part of MRANTI’s Bioscience Living Lab, RedTone is testing their cutting-edge technology for smart farming and aqua farming management.

Located at MRANTI Park Lake, nestled between the MRANTI Building and HIVE 5, this project aims to unleash the power of real-time data monitoring in a live environment.

By collecting crucial data on temperature, humidity, lux, water temperature, ammonia, salinity, turbidity and many more, RedTone Will contribute to MRANTI Park’s sustainability efforts.
IOT-Based Smart Farming
Upcoming Projects

Rooftop Chili Fertigation Farm


Production Facilities

with MRANTI Nexus


Indoor Vertical Farm

Indoor Vertical Farmwith BoomGrow complete with training centre, marketplace, and cafe

Co-Working Lab

with NetsEco Venture