A prime and integrated contract research and manufacturing entity that provides supporting technologies, facilities and services in the product development and bio-processing of innovative health supplement products.

Who Can Benefit from MRANTI Nexus
Biotech / Agritech SMEs & Startups
Medical Research Labs
R&D Labs / Institutes
Government Agencies

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Any agritech subject matter expert consultancy
Land capacity to do your agritech project
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)  & Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HCCP) certified facilities for your project
Product formulation or certification consultancy

Our Offerings

Herbal Product CMO (OEM Services)
Laboratory 1: Product Development and Formulation
Laboratory 3: Agrobio Laboratory (Agriculture Biotechnology)
Laboratory 3: Agrobio Laboratory (Agriculture Biotechnology)
Regulatory & Product Registration Services
Bio Halal Capacity Building
Product Packaging, Design & Printing
Cosmeceutical Products
F&B manufacturing (liquid)
Project Portfolio
OEM Camel Milk Palma Brand
OEM Jamu Mak Dara Sdn Bhd
OEM Superbest Power Sdn Bhd
Natural Wellness Processing Service
OEM Sweatenia Industries
Vege Factory
Halal Lab Services