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Technology Commercialisation Associate (RTCA)

A certification programme designed to develop your capabilities to accelerate the transition of innovative products and technologies from lab to market.

Unlock opportunities for your career and ventures as a Technology Commercialisation Associate and build the path towards the MRANTI Technology Transfer Fellowship.

Your Aspiration

Explore the path of technology and innovation commercialisation
Enhance your capabilities with skills to bring research-based products and technologies from lab to market
Amplify the potential of your research-based products and technologies to be eligible for public and private funding
Elevate the implementation and execution of your innovation programmes and initiatives


Gain the knowledge and skills to develop a comprehensive innovation commercialisation plan
Move product development up 2 technology readiness levels or more
Create Return on Value (RoV) for innovation project/programme outputs to be eligible for public and private funding


Individuals currently developing or facilitating innovation projects from *TRL 2 onwards

*TRL 2 (Technology Readiness Level 2) is a stage where the technology concept is already formulated.


Module 01
Investment Readiness
Upscaling companies towards investment readiness
Module 02
Market Expansion
Mastering vital knowledge and skills needed in business operations for Market Expansion
Module 03
Technology Commercialisation
Technology development, commercialisation and advisory

Why TCA Programme?

Become an Associate of Technology Commercialisation and unlock opportunities for your career and ventures

The RTCA is designed to develop the capabilities of key players in the innovation and technology development space to accelerate the transition of innovative ideas and products from lab to market with the following outcome:

For Technology Commercialisation:
To align existing, new and future startups, spinoffs and stakeholders around a common understanding and terms relating to technology commercialisation and/or technology transfer.

For Entrepreneurial Orientation:
To support the transition from academia to entrepreneurship and to bridge industry and academia for research and development and technology transfer.

For Professional Growth:
To develop the foundation, skills and experience towards a  professional Technology Transfer certification.


Industry assessment & certification (ITMA)


Full access to MRANTI Park and its facilities


Ecosystem access and support

Learning Access

Engaging and interactive with a timely outcome.


Explore potential collaboration with global & regional corporates


Aligned to global standard of technology commercialisation: approved by ITMA


Utilise specially curated benefits by the Programme Benefit Partners


Leverage on MRANTI’s Quadruple Helix Network and connect to potential partners


Specially curated services/benefits by the Programme Benefit Partners

Selected winners stand a chance to secure cash prizes worth RM 5,000 and In-kind benefits such as but not limited to:

What’s Extra for You in Your Technology Commercialisation

By participating in the Global Market-Fit Programme, you not only gain market validation but also benefit from access to a wide network, exposure to new opportunities and innovation, and invaluable mentorship specifically focused on technology commercialisation. These benefits enhance your readiness for international expansion, improve your technology commercialisation strategies, and position you for long-term success in foreign markets.

Market Validation

Offers more than just market validation. It provides a platform to ensure that your technology solution meets the specific needs and demands of the foreign market. This validation process not only helps you refine your current solutions but also positions you for effective technology commercialisation in the future. By validating your technology early on, you can save valuable time and resources by focusing on the right market segments and features, ultimately increasing your chances of successful commercialisation and maximising the return on your investment.

Technology Commercialisation

You gain access to a wide range of partners, corporates, investors, and ecosystem players in the destination market. Engaging with these stakeholders enables you to gain valuable insights into the local market dynamics, industry trends, and regulatory requirements. These insights not only help you tailor your technology solution to the specific market but also in navigating the landscape of technology commercialisation, including intellectual property considerations, regulatory compliance, and business practices in the foreign market.

Explore New Opportunities

Opens doors to explore new fields of value creation in other countries and learn from global innovation practices. You will have the chance to discover how the rest of the world is innovating to address the challenges of the future. This exposure to diverse markets and innovation ecosystems allows you to gain insights into emerging technologies, disruptive business models, and novel approaches to market expansion and technology commercialisation.

Industry Experts

‍These industry experts bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, offering insights and advice specifically tailored to the challenges and opportunities of commercialising technology in the target market. Their guidance can help you refine your technology roadmap, develop effective go-to-market strategies, identify potential partners and investors, and navigate the intricacies of technology commercialisation in the foreign market.

Global Accelerator Programme: Thematic Edition 2022
Fee &
RM6,900 per person (HRDF Claimable)
Application Opens
22 April 2024
Application Closes
6 May 2024
9 May 2024
Live online learning blocks
In-programme tutorials and coaching
Social meetups, field visits, knowledge exchanges, ecosystem engagements
Innovation project execution
Email to
Registration Open
22 April - 6 May 2024
9 May 2024
Learning Block
13 May - 21 August 2024
Project Execution
13 May - 9 November 2024
Programme Completion
9 November 2024
Project Continuation & Role Playing
9 November 2024 onwards
Welcome, introduction & TRL assessment exercise
9 May 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
Ethics for Technology  Commercialisation
13 - 15 May 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
SDGs for Technology Commercialisation
20 - 22 May 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
Huddle 2
Live Session
20 January 2024
Project Management for Technology Commercialisation
27 - 29 May 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
Innovation Management for Technology Commercialisation
10 - 12 June 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
Entrepreneurship for Technology Development
24 - 26 June 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
Product Development for Technology Development
15 - 17 July 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
Business Model Development for Technology Commercialisation
22 - 24 July 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
Market Analysis for Technology Commercialisation
29 - 31 July 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
Globalisation for Technology Commercialisation
5 - 7 August 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
Financial Valuation for Technology Commercialisation
19 - 21 August 2024
8.00PM - 10.30PM
Execution of Technology Commercialisation Plan & Innovation Projects
9 May -  9 November 2024
Project meetings, site visits, social meetups, mentoring & consultations
Why Join Us

Build credibility and confidence to develop and manage innovations with best practices in technology commercialisation guided by ethics, the SDGs and national policies

Be in the community of current and past cohorts of diverse backgrounds comprising university, research institutions and clinical researchers, tech founders, business owners, IP & patent consultants, trainers, investors, industries, civil societies and communities.

Create visibility and opportunities as an Associate towards the path of the MRANTI Technology Transfer Fellowship (MTTF).

Previous Cohorts

GAP is truly one of the kind best accelerator programs that we have been fortunate to be accepted in. The curriculum design, program leaders and community at large are focused and totally committed in the success of the start-ups in the cohort. For Seashore, the MRANTI’s guidance for markets access has been exceptional.

Seashore Networks

GAP provided us with a proper framework to work within. I used to be all over the place, trying to figure out how to do things the best way possible.

This programme demonstrated exactly what I needed to do. It is intensive, but it gave us the opportunity to learn and apply the concept it to our business model. Furthermore, the coaches are extremely helpful.


GAP Program has helped RABT enter Malaysian market with access to potential partners. It's been four months in the programme and we see great value for our company to grow. I am optimistic about the coming months that will be groundbreaking with the support of MRANTI.


Through MRANTI GAP thematic accelerator, we were paired with really helpful tribe leaders, coaches & industry wide mentors whom imparted valuable knowledge to steer us towards commercialisation.


It’s an amazing experience in MRANTI GAP programme, we managed to learn and expose to valuable knowledge and network like never before. Much appreciate to everyone involve, thanks!


Programme Partners

How Does It Work?
Access to Malaysia
1 days Bootcamp
  • Understanding Malaysia's Market Landscape
30 days Mentorship
  • Remote Mentorship & Support
  • Assist to schedule 5 virtual business meeting with potential partner or clients in Malaysia
Business Set Up
Assisting in matters that involve,
  • Business Incorporation
  • Licensing
  • Visa/Pass
  • Legal Advice
  • Office Setup
  • Banking Facilities
Register company with paid-up capital
Talent Hiring
Provide startup with
  • Suitable local talent matching
  • Cost effective & reliable recruitment mechanism
Hire more than 3 local talents
Market Access Programme
Networking- Local business partner/corporates, & mentors
Business development - virtual/physical business meeting with potential local business partners, suppliers, distributors, & clients

Implementing Partners

Tech Hub Partner

participated by
Agensi Nuklear Malaysia
AgriData Portal Sdn. Bhd.
Exzellent Profis Sdn. Bhd.
Jalin Creative Sdn. Bhd.
Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute (MARDI)
MDaat Eco Wellness
Munirah & Associates
NK Robotics Sdn. Bhd.
Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.
RS Agro Pulp and Paper Innovation
Taylor’s University
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
Universiti Utara Malaysia
University Telekom Sdn. Bhd.
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How can I develop a commercialisation strategy for my technology?
What are the benefits of becoming a Technology Commercialisation Associate (TCA)?

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