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MRANTI Digital Business Academy

The unique learning content of the MRANTI DBA is developed jointly with Tech Nation UK and UK’s leading academic institutions as well as a large number of highly successful scale-up entrepreneurs in the UK namely, Academic contributors: University College London, Cambridge Judge Business School, Entrepreneurial contributors: Founder Centric and leading UK entrepreneurs from Tech Nation’s late stage Future Fifty programme.

Learning Modules

Module 01
Ideas & Products
Whenever you're wondering whether that 'good idea' could be a great business or trying to create beautiful, engaging products, skills in ideas & products can make the difference for your business prospects and your career in startups
Module 02
Brand & Communication
Discover how to build up a strong brand including how to develop and maintain your image to customers
Module 03
Marketing & Sales
Uncover the secrets of planning a marketing strategy that works for your business
Module 04
Operations & Finance
If you are launching a new business or seeking investment, skills in operations & finance could be the difference between quick pitfall and long-term success
Module 05
Whatever stage you’re at, your people are one of your most important assets. Knowing how to put together a diverse and inclusive team and help them reach their potential can give you the competitive advantage you need
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