Artificial Intelligence

The MRANTI Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programme bridges the gap between cutting-edge innovation and real-world applications. We empower businesses across industries to leverage AI by fostering a culture of innovation, upskilling workforces, and accelerating growth. Through the Strategic Collaboration for the AI Sandbox Programme under NTIS, we're paving the way for a knowledge-based economy where AI fuels innovation, boosts productivity, and enhances competitiveness.

Who is it for?
University Spin-off Companies
Innovators from Universities or Corporates
Technology-based Startups
Technology-based Startups
Innovators from Universities or Corporates
University Spin-off Companies


At MRANTI, we are committed to pioneering the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by offering state-of-the-art solutions and services that empower businesses and drive industry innovation. Our offerings are tailored to accelerate AI adoption, enhance operational efficiencies, and provide comprehensive support to the AI community.

By partnering with MRANTI AI, you will gain access to an ecosystem designed to foster innovation, drive industry transformation, and propel your business towards success in the AI-driven future. Here’s what you can expect from MRANTI AI

Tech Partner Access & Scaling Solutions

AI community will receive exclusive offerings from tech partners like NVIDIA, including complimentary cloud credits, GPU support, and exclusive pricing on sovereign data management and select hardware

Talent Development Programmes

Access to talent development programmes, coaches, mentors, and curated content from esteemed partners such as NVIDIA, Google, Microsoft, AWS, and others

Capacity Building on AI Technologies

Comprehensive technical capacity building in AI technologies, including Gen AI, visual analytics, and data engineering

Funding Facilitation

Tap into our vast network of VCs, funding partners, and programmes to support your startup growth

Accelerator Partners Programmes

Participate in curated hackathons, accelerator programmes, demo days, and pitching competitions

Technology Commercialisation

Assistance in customising technology solutions for specific markets and navigating the complexities of technology commercialisation, including intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and foreign market business practices

Technical Support and Regulatory Compliance

Receive technical support from technology partners to develop AI products and gain access to testing and regulatory compliance support through our Sandbox programme

AI Tracks

Business & Financial Services
Autonomous System & Robotics
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Agriculture & Sustainability

Curriculum Overview

L1 - Introduction to AI Technologies

A series of learning modules to expose the participants for AI technologies from MRANTI technology partners i.e. NVIDIA, AWS, YTL, Google, and Microsoft

L2 - Hands-on R&D Product Development

A series of technical engagement with AI technology experts to facilitate R&D product development, including mentorship and consultation, sandbox regulation and compliance

L3 - Application Development

A series of technical engagement to facilitate the participants with potential problem statements from targeted industries i.e. health care, agriculture, and sustainable



51% of equity in a company must be Malaysian owned

Technology Readiness Level (1-9 TRL)

Proof of concept to prototype stage products/services will be evaluated and best-fit into established AI programmes

Artificial Intelligence concept

Priorities will be given to companies developing their own in-house AI technology

Incorporation Status

Company must be less than 10 years of incorporation

Artificial Intelligence Launch 2024
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