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Create, experiment and give life to ideas in a boundless environment through new age technologies, tools & facilities, guided by industry players to create groundbreaking impact.


MATCH is Malaysia Technology Commercialisation platform curated by MRANTI to bridge the gap between innovation and commercialisation. This innovation monetisation platform serves as the hub for collaboration, innovation, and collective action, enabling stakeholders to address complex national grand challenges effectively.

Calling for Tech Enthusiast!

If you are a technology seeker or technology provider, you may submit your details through the MATCH platform.

What's Next?

  • Applications submitted will be reviewed
  • Tech Profiles and Problem Statements will be listed in a directory available on MATCH


Mobilise Collaboration

Foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including government, agencies, academia, corporate, start-up, and the public. It will encourage the translation of research into practical solutions that can address the grand challenge.

Expertise Matching

The platform facilitates the matching between Tech Seekers and Tech Providers. It connects individuals or organisations to contribute to specific projects or challenges.

Mentorship & Expertise

Offer access to the domain of experts who can guide the user in developing their solution. Facilitate knowledge exchange and learning through webinars, workshops, and events.

Who Should Be MATCHed?

MATCH has two target audiences: Tech Providers and Tech Seekers. Each audience has three steps to take for a better future, together.

Expand your reach, showcase expertise, secure investments, and drive growth. Connect with partners, commercialise technology, and establish leadership in your field, accelerating innovation for business success.

Step 1

Craft your own narratives and showcase your innovative projects.

Step 2

After finalising your stories, proceed to submit your innovative projects for review and approval.

Step 3

Now that your innovative project has been approved, the next step is to start sharing. So, start spreading the word and sharing your project as much as possible!

Be a Tech Provider

MATCH | Terms & Conditions

Explore a diverse range of technologies, save time with tailored searches, drive growth and innovation through partnerships and investments, all on a centralised platform for commercialisation success.

Step 1

Browse through the listed innovation projects from the Tech Provider

Step 2

Find those innovation project that resonates with your values and missions

Step 3

Take the step to a better future by connecting with the project that resonates with you. Your connection and involvement can make a meaningful difference.

Tell Us Your Problem

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Who are Tech Seekers?
I have a specific area of interest, but there are no projects in that area, what do I do? 
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