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Socio-Economic Drivers
Science & Technology Drivers

+REGENS: Reconfigurable and Resilient Operation of Network Control Building Micrigrids with +REGENS Integration

Advanced Intelligent Systems

UTM's +ReGENs offers an integrated solution to address the growing demand for renewable energy, efficiently harnessing energy from multiple sources. By combining various renewable sources with energy storage systems, +ReGENs ensures stability and reliability, overcoming power output fluctuations.

3D Printed Prosthetics Leg (3D-Pro-Leg)

Medical & Healthcare
Advanced Materials

The 3D-Pro-Leg, addresses the need for affordable and comfortable prosthetic legs. This lightweight and custom-made prosthetic offers a 70% reduction in price while providing tailored solutions for individual leg anatomy.

A Geospatial-Based Aerial View Monitoring System (Geo-AVMS)

Smart Cities & Transportation
Sensor Technology

Geo-AVMS tackles monitoring challenges by focusing on coverage and accessibility issues. It utilizes Video-Based On-Line Monitoring, Image-Based Monitoring, and Range-Based Monitoring for accurate aerial surveillance using geospatial imaging sensors.

ANAQUIN - Pineapple Skin Care Product

Medical & Healthcare
Bioscience Technology

UTM's introduction of ANAQUIN signifies its contribution to pineapple-based beauty products, addressing the demand in the healthy body and skin industry. Designed for middle-aged women, ANAQUIN offers skincare and health benefits through innovative development processes.

AP'DENT (Oral Care Product with Plant Extract)

Medical & Healthcare
Bioscience Technology

This project aims to address the challenges associated with commonly used oral hygiene products. Chlorhexidine mouthwash, along with popular ingredients like xylitol, fluoride, and triclosan, has been linked to adverse effects such as hypogeusia, hypersensitivity, mucosal lesions, and tooth staining. Additionally, products containing SLS or triclosan can irritate gums and soft tissues, while those with high alcohol content may cause a burning sensation and disrupt the normal oral flora. Moreover, the overuse of antibiotics in oral treatments raises concerns about the development of bacterial resistance. The project aims to develop alternative oral hygiene solutions that are safe, effective, and free from these adverse side effects.

APT-C19: In Silico Aptamer Screening System

Medical & Healthcare
Bioscience Technology

UTM introduces a groundbreaking solution to meet the increasing demand for aptamers in disease treatment with its innovative in silico APTc-19 Aptamer screening method. This approach offers significant cost savings of up to 50% compared to current SELEX testing, making it attractive for researchers and laboratories.

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