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Socio-Economic Drivers
Science & Technology Drivers

AP'DENT (Oral Care Product with Plant Extract)

Medical & Healthcare
Bioscience Technology

This project aims to address the challenges associated with commonly used oral hygiene products. Chlorhexidine mouthwash, along with popular ingredients like xylitol, fluoride, and triclosan, has been linked to adverse effects such as hypogeusia, hypersensitivity, mucosal lesions, and tooth staining. Additionally, products containing SLS or triclosan can irritate gums and soft tissues, while those with high alcohol content may cause a burning sensation and disrupt the normal oral flora. Moreover, the overuse of antibiotics in oral treatments raises concerns about the development of bacterial resistance. The project aims to develop alternative oral hygiene solutions that are safe, effective, and free from these adverse side effects.

Automated Vibration Detector for Multirotor

Sensor Technology

The use of UAVs, particularly multirotors, is susceptible to collisions or crashes that can result in damage to the propellers or multirotor arms. However, cracks in the structure often go unnoticed. There is a pressing need for a real-time fault detection system capable of identifying crack instances, especially when such damage occurs during flight operations.

BIOGEL : Green Biopolymer Hydrogel Beads

Medical & Healthcare
Bioscience Technology

This project aims to address the pressing issue of a 204% increase in Dengue cases and 21 recorded deaths in May 2023. The rising number of cases not only poses a significant cost burden on both the government and society but also raises concerns about pesticide resistance development due to increased pesticide usage. Additionally, the indiscriminate use of pesticides may disturb non-target insect populations. The project seeks to develop an effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly solution to combat Dengue while minimizing the negative impacts associated with traditional pesticide approaches.

Biomer: Agro Based Biodegradable Polymer

Agriculture & Forestry
Bioscience Technology

Malaysians produce 543,000 tonnes of waste daily and most of it will end up polluting our oceans. These wastes which is mainly plastic would take a long time to decompose which would cause further harm to the environment. A solution to this is a plant based biodegradable plastic which uses agriculture waste to produce a cheap bio plastic which can safely degrade in the environment.

Carbon+N hydrogel

Bioscience Technology

The anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have contributed to global warming. This issue is compounded by the limited success of carbon capture projects in effectively using and storing CO2. Furthermore, excessive nitrate usage in agriculture not only leads to nutrient run-off and water pollution but also results in the production of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas with 300 times the global warming potential of CO2. These challenges underscore the urgent need for innovative solutions to address climate change and environmental sustainability.

Coolit-Gel: Non-woody Biomass Cellulose Hydrogels for Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical Application

Medical and Healthcare
Bioscience Technology

Coolit-gel® is a cellulose hydrogel developed from local non-woody biomasses including oil palm empty fruit bunch and kapok seed pod fibres. This hydrogel is unique not only due to the use of sustainable materials in the production but also because of the desired mechanical and swelling properties which are very desirable for biomedical applications. This technology is proven biodegrable, safe and non-irritating in vivo. In addition, this hydrogel platform can be valorised for other applications including agricultures as fertilisers and absorbents.

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