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Intan Baizura Baharuddin

Mrs. Intan brings extensive expertise in technology transfer, specialising in commercialising intellectual property and innovative technologies. She excels in cultivating strategic partnerships, negotiating licensing agreements, and leading technology transfer initiatives. Proficient in market research and risk assessment, she has successfully headed university entrepreneurial programs, resulting in numerous startup ventures launched by students and researchers. Committed to driving innovations from academia to real-world applications, Mrs. Intan significantly contributes to economic growth and societal progress.

Khairul Mazwan binti Ibrahim Pati

Mrs. Juan is experienced in community development and passionate about collaborative partnerships, specialising in developing and implementing entrepreneurship programs. Her work involves engaging higher education institutions to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. She has organised national technopreneurship initiatives, managed research projects, and facilitated business idea competitions, entrepreneurship training, and workshops. With a focus on marketing and communications, she drives initiatives that increase interest and competencies in entrepreneurship, contributing to the success of diverse programs through strategic partnerships and innovative approaches.

Nur Suhailah Mohamad

Mrs. Suhaila brings extensive experience in managing technology and digital IoT programs, overseeing over 70 initiatives in knowledge transfer and technology within three years. Her role involves leadership in technology projects and programs, focusing on operational efficiency and strategic management of project expenses. Additionally, she handles administrative duties, ensuring smooth logistics and supply chain operations in the palm oil industry. Her multifaceted skills in program management, HR operations, and administrative tasks underscore her capability in driving organisational success and operational excellence across diverse sectors.

Manisah Sarujee

Mrs. Manisah brings 27 years of management consultancy expertise, including 13 years as a director at Brand Geeks Inc., specialising in growth and digitalisation. She is renowned for her expertise in technology market readiness, pioneering the Market Readiness Level (MRL) framework enriched by insights from her Ph.D. research in Islamic collaborative elements. Manisah empowers businesses by implementing tailored strategies that drive growth through the adoption of emerging technologies. Her leadership and innovative approach have been instrumental in navigating complex landscapes and fostering strategic partnerships to enhance digital transformation.

Azimah Abdul Kadir

Mrs. Azimah brings 29 years of leadership in IP roles, with significant contributions at PROTON Group of Companies and MIMOS Berhad. At PROTON, she achieved success in cross-border technology licensing and global IP enforcement. At MIMOS, she led strategic IP management, IP valuation, market and technology foresight, and roadmap validation across diverse technology sectors. Her tenure resulted in the filing and granting of nine co-invented patents under PCT and Malaysia, driving impactful commercialisation of local R&D outputs. Her expertise has enhanced national and international innovation indices, positioning MIMOS and Malaysia prominently since 2010.

Dr. Kwong Soke Chee

Dr. Kwong Soke Chee currently serves as a Research Officer at the Centre for Population Health (CePH), Faculty of Medicine, focusing on enhancing collaborative opportunities across diverse stakeholders, funding avenues, and infrastructure. Previously, she was a technology transfer officer at Universiti Malaya Centre of Innovation and Enterprise (UMCIE), specialising in managing lifescience patents and projects. Her expertise spans medical devices, natural products, digital health, and aquaculture, demonstrating a dedicated commitment to advancing innovation. At UMCIE, she established an innovation and commercialisation ecosystem, managing IP screening, enhancing Technology Readiness Levels (TRL), and securing industry partnerships and funding for innovation initiatives.

Ts. Amar Lokman

Ts Amar brings over five years of expertise in the solar industry, specialiasing in IoT and manufacturing systems. With a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, he leverages his technical knowledge to optimise production and implement advanced automation systems. Ts Amar excels in designing and integrating sensors, data analytics, and communication protocols for real-time monitoring and smart decision-making. His strong leadership skills and positive attitude drive innovation and efficiency across various industries. By applying his expertise in IoT, Ts Amar has made significant contributions to monitoring systems, enhancing both productivity and operational effectiveness.

Suriana Hamzah

Mrs. Suriana brings a robust background in technology assessment, funding facilitation, and strategic project management within the innovation and commercialisation sector. Her expertise includes strong leadership in technology assessment and commercialisation, strategic planning for funding programs, and proficiency in IP portfolio management and due diligence. She excels in project management, from planning through execution and monitoring, and is adept at fostering effective communication and collaboration across cross-functional teams. With extensive experience in managing and facilitating innovation projects, Mrs. Suriana has a proven track record of successful program implementation and leadership in strategic initiatives.