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VentureX Hub

VentureX Hub is a soft-landing programme for innovative global companies from all over the countries to establish a business hub in Malaysia. VentureX Hub provides assistance in company incorporation, local talent acquisition, and Malaysia’s market access.

Why Malaysia?

2nd In ASEAN

Ease of Doing Business

Access to potential capital from MRANTI ecosystem

4th Emerging MarketIn Asia-Pacific

Startup Genome - Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020

Potential Market Of 670 Million Populations

Gateway into the ASEAN Market

2nd In ASEAN ForCompetitive & Vibrant Economy

WEF Global Competitiveness Report 2019

A Vibrant Multilingual And Multicultural ASEAN Community

Educated Workforce

26th Rank Out Of 132 In The INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index 20202nd In ASEAN - IMD World Talent Ranking 2021

Why VentureX Hub?
Expose to opportunities in innovative startups while working on jobs of the future
Build professional growth and employability with global startups
Leverage on reliable advice and mentorships on career prospects
Nurture professional connections and relationships with global technologies
Gain exponential startup mindset and entrepreneurial experience


Committed, resourceful and proactive
Entrepreneurial Spirit/Interest in innovative jobs of future
Able to communicate in English
Able to thrive and multitask in a fast-paced environment
Ability to adapt to the startup culture
Grafuated from recognised university AND/OR proven technical ability (marketing, project managment, programming, business development
Skilled unemployed with experience
Employees considering startup in career path
Alumni of Universities
Fresh Graduates
Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Programme Timeline
Application Opens
March 2022
Application Closes
8 July 2022
VentureX Hub 2023
Stage 0
Access to Malaysia
July 2022
Stage 1
Business Set Up
July 2022
Stage 2
Talent Hiring
July 2022
Stage 3
Market Access Programme
July 2022
How Does It Work?
Access to Malaysia
3 days Bootcamp
  • Introduction to Malaysia
  • Fact-Finding Session
  • Understand startup’s goal
30 days Mentorship
  • Remote Mentorship & Support
  • Assist to schedule 2 virtual business meeting with potential partner or clients in Malaysia
Personalised Market Intelligence Report
Business Set Up
Assisting in matters that involve,
  • Business Incorporation
  • Licensing
  • Visa/Pass
  • Legal Advice
  • Office Setup
  • Banking Facilities
Register company with paid-up capital
Talent Hiring
Provide startup with
  • Suitable local talent matching
  • Cost effective & reliable recruitment mechanism
Hire more than 3 local talents
Market Access Programme
Networking- Local business partner/corporates, & mentors
Business development - virtual/physical business meeting with potential local business partners, suppliers, distributors, & clients
Incentives Offer
MRANTI VentureX Hub Is Offering Incentives Worth USD 5,750 To Selected Global Startups Under The VentureX Hub Programme!
Stage 0: Access To Malaysia Programme Cost Is USD 1500.
How can I claim the Incentive?

After Stage 0, if your company chooses to proceed with the programme in Malaysia, upon fulfilling the following commitments,

  • SSM registration with paid up capital and,
  • Hire more than 3 local talents

You may apply to claim the incentives. Upon approval, MRANTI shall grant the  Stage 2 Talent Hiring Incentive (USD 750) + Stage 3 Market Access Programme (worth USD 3,500) to you.

Note: MRANTI will provide guidance and assistance to fulfill the requirement 1 & 2. Once you have completed Stage 1 & Stage 2 you will be subjected to approval to go through Stage 3 which will be fully sponsored by MRANTI. Stage 3 incentive cannot be claimed in the form of cash.

Disclaimer: We DO NOT guarantee in providing specific connections that you want and DO NOT guarantee successful partnerships, we will be assisting you at best effort basis. All costs incurred during Stage 1 - business registration, visa, employment passes, process applications & etc; Stage 2 - talent hiring process applications, commission and fees & etc are to be borned by the startup unless mentioned otherwise. *Terms & Conditions apply

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