VentureX Hub Programme's Frequently Asked Questions
What is the VentureX Hub?
What type of companies are you looking for?
What are the benefits of this programme?
May I make a cash claim for the Stage 3 Market Access Programme?
Does VentureX Hub guarantee I get partnerships and specific connections in these programmes?
Will VentureX Hub provide travelling and accommodation reimbursement/claims during this programme?
What are the objectives of the programme?
Why should I join the programme?
What is the commitment required from the global innovators/startups?
What are my responsibilities throughout the VentureX Hub programme?
How long does the programme last?
Does VentureX Hub invest in innovators/startups?
Do we have to incorporate a company in Malaysia?
Does VentureX Hub provide cash funding/investment?
Will MRANTI provide any insurance cover during the programme?
Will VentureX Hub help with PR/media?
How does the VentureX Hub measure success?
May I have the agenda for the programme?
Can I make changes (add/replace) to my team members, even after being accepted into the programme?
Instead of uploading my documents on VentureX Hub's website, can I just submit it through email?
How can  I apply?
When can I apply?
When will we find out if we got accepted into the programme?
Will I get notified if my application gets rejected? What can I do after?
What do I need to apply for VentureX? Recommendation letter? Pitch video?
Where do I go if I have more questions?