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GMP Japan

Leave a Nest is a pioneering Japanese science venture company dedicated to accelerating science and technology solutions to address global challenges. With over 22 years of experience in supporting and building ventures worldwide, Leave a Nest focuses on creating tangible impacts by ensuring scientific discoveries lead to real-world applications that benefit society. The company engages in projects across various countries, leveraging a vast network of over 400 experts and partners to drive its vision of a better future through science. Leave a Nest stands out for its commitment to making scientific advancements accessible and impactful for all, fostering collaboration among researchers, entrepreneurs, companies, and educators to develop and commercialise innovative technologies.

Programme Information

Application Date
1 July -
31 July 2024
Programme Date
9 September -
25 October 2024
Programme Fees
RM 5000 per startup (2-3 pax)
2-3 person per Startup
Programme Stages
Pre-Immersion Trip
Establish a solid foundation for successful technology integration and partnerships in the Japanese market
  • Allocate a manager to understand each company’s technology, engage stakeholders, and manage feedback
  • Develop concise materials highlighting problem statements and solutions for engaging Japanese stakeholders
  • Provide detailed insights into the Japanese market, including business culture and opportunities
  • Launch the GMP programme with key Malaysian innovation stakeholders and a pitch session for companies
  • Research and list potential organisations interested in the companies’ technology solutions
Immersion Trip
Develop validated business models and establish product-market fit through targeted engagements with Japanese ecosystem stakeholders
  • Arrange virtual meetings with potential partners and customers to validate business models and determine market readiness and pricing
  • Organise virtual meetings with a wide range of stakeholders, including government, NGOs, corporates, investors, SMEs, incubators, global accelerators, funding agencies, co-working spaces, and mentors
  • Conduct sessions with experts and organizations focused on policy, research, business opportunities, intellectual property rights, and funding
  • Coordinate interactive sessions with local companies, incubators, and accelerators across Japan, covering all relevant sector areas for the participating Malaysian companies
VentureX Business Matching
Business matching meetings (inbound)
  • Business matching meetings with inbound international corporates, companies, and industry to explore landing partnerships in Malaysia
Validation Trip
Facilitate strategic engagements and agreements to advance business development and market entry in Japan
  • Arrange individual meetings to gather feedback from companies on their discussions with Japanese ecosystem players and plan the next steps
  • Collaborate with companies to identify and prioritise organisations they want to engage with
  • Organise detailed B2B meetings between Malaysian companies and shortlisted organizations to facilitate letters of intent (LoIs), memorandums of understanding (MoUs), cooperation agreements, development of business models, deployment of proof of concepts (POCs), and signing of commercial contracts
Closing Ceremony
  • Intercultural aspects - Business Culture
  • Generic information on the Japanese eco-system – focused on technology and innovation
  • Market potential and opportunities for Malaysian companies in the market
  • Specific opportunities and incentives by the governments and private sector
  • Building Processes, Relationships and Networks to leverage opportunities in Japan


High Growth - Expansion Stage / Researchers’ Spin-Offs  
(expansion ready with validated business model)
Strong Financial Records
(minimum RM 1 Mil per annum)
(TRL 6 or Series A and above)
Solid Traction
(secured sufficient local market with steady transactions)
Majority Malaysian-owned or IP based in Malaysia

Prioritised Verticals

Agri Tech
(with emphasis on Food Security related tech)
Bio Tech
Care Tech
Eco Tech
Food Tech
(with emphasis on affordable Health Care)
Marine Tech
Med Tech
Programme Timeline
Global Market-Fit Programme Japan 2024
Application Opens
1 July - 31 July 2024
Application Closes
9 September - 25 October 2024
9 - 13 September 2024
23 September - 4 October 2024
VentureX Business Matching (Bonus)
7 - 11 October 2024
Validation Trip
21 - 25 October 2024
Incentives Offer
MRANTI, MyStartup Hub Programme Is Offering Incentives Worth USD 5,750 To Selected Global Startups Under The MyStartup Hub Programme!
Stage 0: Access To Malaysia Programme Cost Is USD 1500.
How can I claim the Incentive?

After Stage 0, if your company chooses to proceed with the programme in Malaysia, upon fulfilling the following commitments,

  • SSM registration with paid up capital and,
  • Hire more than 3 local talents

You may apply to claim the incentives. Upon approval, MRANTI shall grant the  Stage 2 Talent Hiring Incentive (USD 750) + Stage 3 Market Access Programme (worth USD 3,500) to you.

Note: MRANTI will provide guidance and assistance to fulfill the requirement 1 & 2. Once you have completed Stage 1 & Stage 2 you will be subjected to approval to go through Stage 3 which will be fully sponsored by MRANTI. Stage 3 incentive cannot be claimed in the form of cash.

Disclaimer: We DO NOT guarantee in providing specific connections that you want and DO NOT guarantee successful partnerships, we will be assisting you at best effort basis. All costs incurred during Stage 1 - business registration, visa, employment passes, process applications & etc; Stage 2 - talent hiring process applications, commission and fees & etc are to be borned by the startup unless mentioned otherwise. *Terms & Conditions apply

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