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Strategic Research Fund

Strategic Research Fund (SRF) is a funding programme within DANA PEMACU MOSTI specifically to fund strategic research and top-down initiative based on priority areas and in line with Dasar Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi Negara (“DSTIN”), 10-10 MySTIE and MOSTI’s technology roadmap.

Leveraging the SRF programme, MRANTI provides an opportunity for more experimental R&D projects crossing the Technological Valley of Death (from Proof-of-Concept stage to Testing in Real Environment stage) specifically in 3 areas; Healthtech, Dronetech and Agritech.


Foster the growth of emerging tech clusters which are relevant for MRANTI’s prioritised 4IR technologies projects i.e. Dronetech Centre of Excellence, Healthtech Hub and Bioscience Tech Living Lab.

Provides an opportunity for more experimental R&D projects crossing the Technological Valley of Death


Developing Healthtech, Dronetech or Agritech project
The R&D has to be between TRL 3 - 5
Has demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed product (POC)
Open to business entities (SME/Startup/Spin-off company) or Institute of Higher Learning (IHL)

Priority Area

Application Opens
1 August 2023
Application Closes
20 August 2023
Application Open
Application Opens
1 August 2023
Application Closes
20 August 2023
Application Open
Application Opens
1 October 2023
Application Closes
20 October 2023
Application Closed
How Does It Work?
Access to Malaysia
1 days Bootcamp
  • Understanding Malaysia's Market Landscape
30 days Mentorship
  • Remote Mentorship & Support
  • Assist to schedule 5 virtual business meeting with potential partner or clients in Malaysia
Business Set Up
Assisting in matters that involve,
  • Business Incorporation
  • Licensing
  • Visa/Pass
  • Legal Advice
  • Office Setup
  • Banking Facilities
Register company with paid-up capital
Talent Hiring
Provide startup with
  • Suitable local talent matching
  • Cost effective & reliable recruitment mechanism
Hire more than 3 local talents
Market Access Programme
Networking- Local business partner/corporates, & mentors
Business development - virtual/physical business meeting with potential local business partners, suppliers, distributors, & clients


Development of MVP/Prototype (at least at TRL 7)
Publication, applicable for IHL applicants only

Funding Scope

70% Matching Grant

for SME Applicants

100% Grant

for Startup/Spin-Off Company/IHL

Maximum project duration is 18 Months

Incentives Offer
MRANTI is offering incentives to selected global innovative companies under the MyStartup Hub Programme!
Stage 0: Access To Malaysia Programme Cost Is USD 1500.
How can I claim the Incentive?

After Stage 0, if your company chooses to proceed with the programme in Malaysia, upon fulfilling the following commitments,

  • SSM registration with paid up capital and,
  • Hire more than 3 local talents

You may apply to claim the incentives. Upon approval, MRANTI shall grant the Stage 3 Market Access Programme  to you.

Note: MRANTI will provide guidance and assistance to fulfil the requirement 1 & 2. Once you have completed Stage 1 & Stage 2 you will be subjected to approval to go through Stage 3 which will be fully sponsored by MRANTI. Stage 3 incentive cannot be claimed in the form of cash.

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