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FixApa by Kemaih Revolutionizes Childcare Industry with Impact and Data-Driven Solution: LaPaQ

December 28, 2023
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KUALA LUMPUR, 28 December 2023 – Homegrown dynamic digital tech start-up, Kemaih takes their collaborative brainchild FixApa to the next level with their latest development; the innovative child nutrition tracker app, LaPaQ. Beginning in 2022, Kemaih’s FixApa platform initially served as a centralised hub for all things childcare-related as they collaborated with Siti Azha Yusof, a human resources professional turned full-time home-based childcare provider.

Siti Azha’s decision first came about when she realised the difficulty of obtaining reliable childcare services. Over time, she realised that the best way to solve the issue was to fill in the gap herself, and soon founded an NGO dedicated to advocating for and uplifting the home-based childcare sector. While keen on utilising technology for enhanced business operations, she was hindered by the lack of a suitable platform — which was where the founders of Kemaih, siblings Ainol and Ainil, and Dr. Syahmi Nordin - The Tech Expert stepped in.

The Founders of Kemaih - Siblings Ainol (Middle) and Ainil (forefront) with their Impact Team.

Since the start of their collaboration, the FixApa platform has now expanded into its current avatar as an evolving online marketplace. Transcending its origins, today FixApa is now a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that connects freelancers with relevant businesses, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals, to emphasise technology adoption, fair trade, and community inclusion. This alignment only further underscores FixApa’s dedication to creating positive changes, both in the childcare industry where it emphasises the importance of easy access to holistic child development and sustainable practices, as well as contributing to Malaysia’s rapidly developing GIG economy.

We aim to grow and become a regional economic hub — one that can assist our local gigster community with earning income from marketable skillsets in the post-Covid19 economy,” shares Ainol Razman, Founder of Kemaih, adding “Currently, we achieve that by providing day-to-day solutions to potential clients through the FixApa platform, enlisting the help of gigsters across all disciplines — so there’s always a solution, no matter the sector. But that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten where we started from.”

Focusing specifically on the childcare front, the FixApa platform’s latest expansion now seeks to address a new issue in childcare — malnutrition among Malaysian children — with the development of LaPaQ, an innovative mobile application focused on nutrition data. Facilitating seamless data collection on children's nutrition, LaPaQ streamlines the data-sharing process between childcare centres and parents, making the day-to-day monitoring of their child’s nutrition levels easier. By collaborating with esteemed organisations like the National Child Development Research Center, the Ministry of Health, and UNICEF, Kemaih also ensures the accuracy and relevance of nutritional data, offering crucial insights into Recommended Nutrition Intake. The development of the LaPaQ mobile app soon moved from idea to reality, with the additional support of entities such as MRANTI, via the MRANTI Impact Challenge Accelerator (MICA) programme.

Looking forward, Kemaih is set to engage with KEMAS, the Welfare Department, and the Selangor State Government for a nationwide sandbox beta testing initiative beginning January 2024. This forward-thinking approach aims to identify effective ways to collect essential childcare data. Both FixApa and LaPaQ collectively aspire to digitise the childcare industry in Malaysia, promising a future marked by technological advancement for both childcare providers and the children they serve.

This collaboration underscores a steadfast commitment to empowering service providers, with a specific focus on addressing the critical issue of child nutrition in Malaysia, as they pave the way for a brighter and more technologically advanced future for home-based childcare providers and the children they serve.