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YesHello, Award-Winning SME Champion, Launches Training & Development Arm

December 27, 2023
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In a visionary expansion of its services, YesHello, an award-winning leader in chat-based sales solutions for SMEs, is excited to announce the launch of its Training & Development arm. This new venture, led by the esteemed founder Carliff Rizal Carleel, is a testament to YesHello's commitment to empowering businesses in the digital era.

Carliff Rizal Carleel: A Pioneer in Training and Technological Innovation

YesHello founder Carliff began his educational journey in 2003, pioneering innovation and leadership. As a Master Trainer and Regional Quality Control Manager for the Malaysian National Service, he impacted numerous lives through extensive university training programs. Transitioning to entrepreneurship in 2006, he revolutionized sales training in Malaysia's Unit Trust sector, setting new industry standards.

Co-founding BAYU PLT in 2006 with Niney Chong, they transformed it into Sabah's largest Corporate Training Provider, expanding influence across Malaysia and Asia. Carliff's foray into technology in 2015 resulted in a training effectiveness evaluation app for BAYU, showcasing his blend of educational principles and tech advancements. A pioneer in AI and Deep Tech training, Carliff has played a key role in shaping Malaysia's technological education landscape, setting industry precedents through early adoption and training initiatives in AI and chatbot technology.

YesHello's Training & Development Arm: A New Era for SME

Under Carliff's leadership, YesHello's Training & Development division is poised to revolutionise the SME sector with groundbreaking initiatives. As an HRD Corp Certified Training Provider, the company is dedicated to equipping businesses with the skills and knowledge for success in the digital age. Monthly Collaboration Virtual Masterclasses, in partnership with HRD Corp, offers fully subsidised sessions, providing SMEs with essential tools and insights.

Additionally, Customized Training Solutions, tailored to individual business needs, leverage YesHello's expertise in chat-based solutions and digital transformation. Key programs include SME Digital Sales Process Automation and SME Digitalization in Customer Service.

“Empowering businesses is at the core of YesHello's mission, as we dedicate ourselves to equipping SMEs with the essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of digital sales and customer service. Our commitment extends to driving digital transformation, actively accelerating the journey for SMEs to ensure they remain competitive and relevant in today's dynamic business landscape. Additionally, we foster a culture of continuous learning, encouraging businesses to embrace lifelong learning as a fundamental key to success in the rapidly evolving digital era,” said Carliff Rizal Carleel, Founder of YesHello

YesHello's Growth and the Global Accelerator Programme (GAP)

The Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) by MRANTI has been a cornerstone in YesHello's journey. This prestigious program, designed for both local and international companies, focuses on nurturing technological assessment and adoption, making companies future-proof and investment-ready. YesHello's participation in this 3-month intensive program was a game-changer, providing a plethora of benefits:

  • Mentorship and Education: Access to experienced mentors and a structured program covering essential aspects of startup management.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connections with peers, investors, customers, and partners through various accelerator events.
  • Resource Access: Availability of co-working spaces, legal services, and cloud credits.
  • Demo Days and Exposure: Opportunities to pitch to potential investors and partners, enhancing visibility and credibility.
  • Intensive Support: Focused support during the program, aiding significant progress in a short period.
  • Follow-on Funding Opportunities: Post-program, YesHello secured a 7-figure investment from a foreign multinational software company, a testament to the program's effectiveness in opening doors for additional funding.
  • Industry Trend Insights: Exposure to current industry trends, emerging technologies, and market insights, crucial for staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

The biggest value for YesHello from participating in GAP was undoubtedly the follow-on funding opportunities. The successful completion of the program not only enhanced YesHello's credibility but also paved the way for securing substantial investment, fueling further growth and expansion.

YesHello invites businesses globally to join this transformative journey. By participating in the upcoming masterclasses and training programs, SMEs can unlock their potential and chart a course for success in the digital age. Interested parties are encouraged to sign up through the provided Google Form to embark on this exciting new chapter with YesHello.

With the launch of its Training & Development arm, YesHello is not just offering a service; it's providing a roadmap for businesses to excel in the digital era. Led by the experienced and visionary Carliff Rizal Carleel, YesHello is set to become a beacon of knowledge and innovation, guiding SMEs towards a future of growth and success. Join YesHello in this groundbreaking initiative and be part of the digital revolution.