Positioning MRANTI Park

Innovation-Driven Economic Powerhouse

606 Acres Total Land Use
17.9mil Sq. Ft.
Technology Park
29.6mil Sq. Ft.
2.05mil Sq. Ft.
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Phases & Precincts
Living Lab Precinct
  • Lifestyle Centre
  • Testing Ground
  • Health Tech
  • Data Centre
  • Maker Space
Innovation Gateway Precinct
Asia Pacific University for Innovation and Innovation Technology (APUIIT)
  • Enterprise Park
  • Co-working Office
  • Science Experience Centre
  • Shared Facility
  • Pop-up Market
Learning & Creative Media Precinct
  • University & Campus
  • Learning Institutions
  • Multimedia Centre
  • Training Centre
  • R&D Lab

Technology Cluster

Research and Development and Innovation Clusters for Emerging Industries

MRANTI Park aims to be a dynamic high tech and innovation hub with a focus on high tech platforms and research & development topromote a new economic model with emerging technology clusters while providing a center for learning and knowledge generationto attract talents throughout the region and fast-tracking ideas to market.

Prioritised 4IR
Technology Products

Health Tech Hub
DroneTech Centre Of Excellence
Bioscience Tech Living Lab
AV Living Labs

MRANTI Park Sustainable Agenda 2035

Green Infrastructure & Sustainability
With our MRANTI Park Sustainable Agenda 2035 in plan, the park will be developed on the principles of Eco-Urbanism, Value Creation and Smart Township in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Complete with Green Infrastructures and future mode of transportation tested and passing through while being side by side with nature to preserve our precious environment.

2 years
5 years
10 years
2 years
5 years
10 years
2 years
5 years
10 years


Eco Urbanism

  • City within Nature
  • Climatic Responsive Design
  • Waste & Resource Management
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Value Creation

  • Contemporary Mixed
  • Inclusive Innovation
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Smart Township

  • City Command Center
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Infrastructure
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Urban & Nature Built Environment
12km Autonomous Vehicle Runway
300sqm netted drone area
100m drone runway
T Services and Engineering Facilities
Green Building Index @ Area57

Urban Local Culture

Breathing life to the MRANTI Park is the community filling up the vibrant spaces celebrating innovations, technologies, arts and culture. A lively Park for collaboration and growth.

Science Discovery Museum
Big Data & Technology Art Exhibitions
Co-working Spaces
Vibrant Spaces With Tech & Placemaking
Startup Meetings
Exhibitions & Launching Events
Collaboration Workshops
Movie Screening
Music & Art Performances