Global Market-Fit Programme's Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Global Market-Fit Programme 2023?
What type of startups are you looking for?
What is the type of trips you are referring to?
Do I need to pay for the programme?
Will MRANTI provide traveling and accommodation reimbursement/claims during this programme?
What are the objectives of the programme?
Why should I join the programme?
What is the commitment required from startups?
What do you mean by full-time?
How is the programme different from other startup expansion programmes?
Is GMP a full physical programme?
How long does the programme last?
Do we need to move to be based in Malaysia to join the programme?
Does MRANTI invest in startups?
Do we have to incorporate a company in Malaysia?
Does MRANTI provide cash funding/investment?
Will MRANTI help with PR/media?
How does the Global Market-Fit Programme measure success?
May I have the agenda for the programme?
Please explain more about the level of commitment required during the programme -- do I need to be there online each day?
Can I make changes (add/replace) to my team members, even after being accepted into the programme?
Instead of uploading my documents on MRANTI’s GMP website, can I just submit it through email?
I’m at a very early stage of building my product and business, should I join GMP?
How can  I apply?
When can I apply?
Do we need to have a Malaysian founder to apply for this programme?
Can we apply even though we already received funding for our startup?
When will we find out if we got accepted into the programme?
Can we apply if we are a current or past recipient of another MRANTI programme; e.g. GAP,  Bootcamp, etc.?
Can we apply if we have previously participated in other expansion programmes outside of MRANTI?
My team outsources software development. Are we still qualified to apply?
Will I get notified if my application gets rejected? What can I do after?
What do I need to apply for GMP? Recommendation letter? Pitch video?
Will MRANTI provide working space?
Do I need to apply for a visa to participate in this programme?
Will MRANTI provide any insurance cover during the programme?
Where do I go if I have more questions?
I’m only interested in being a mentor or going in as a programme partner. Who can I contact?