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MRANTI's Force for Good: Making Progress with Purpose

February 13, 2024
Khalid Yashaiya
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MRANTI's Force for Good: Making Progress with Purpose

By Khalid Yashaiya

The world of innovation is constantly changing, but at MRANTI, we believe progress shouldn't just be about discovering new technologies - it should be about making an impact and the world a better place. That's why we launched Force for Good, an initiative that guides every project and partnership towards solutions that benefit society and the environment.

A Blueprint for Tomorrow

Our vision is simple; to create a future where innovations and technological advancements are used for good and these advancements where progress respects the planet Earth and uplifts communities. At MRANTI, that's not just a dream, it's our blueprint for tomorrow.

As a pivotal arm of Malaysia's Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), MRANTI will consistently align itself with Malaysia's broader sustainability aspirations. Our initiatives under the Force for Good will directly support the nation’s commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Malaysian government's strategic focus on sustainable development. This approach underscores the intrinsic value of these global objectives, committing to 14 out of 17 goals in our operations, reflecting a profound dedication to fostering a sustainable future.

Driven by a deep commitment to both technological innovation and environmental protection, MRANTI aims to establish a carbon-neutral science and technology park by 2035. This ambitious project reflects MRANTI's foresight in marrying technological expansion with environmental stewardship. 

MRANTI’s Carbon Neutral Goal

Catalysts for Change

MRANTI stands at the crossroads of technology and sustainability, embodying Malaysia's aspirations for a greener, more innovative future. Our endeavours under the Force for Good initiative are not isolated but deeply integrated into the fabric of the nation's journey towards sustainable development. At the heart of it all lies a set of pillars, each a testament to the organisation’s dedication to creating a sustainable and equitable future. 

MRANTI’s Four Pillars

Force for Good solidifies its commitment to fostering a world where sustainability and innovation are interdependent. We are working towards environmental protection and climate action. We aim to create a significant impact in reducing carbon emissions through MRANTI Park’s ecosystem and value chain. This would involve using renewable energy sources, reducing water and waste, developing more sustainable products and services as well as conserving the natural environment and biodiversity efforts at MRANTI Park.

To move forward, all of our initiatives will be deeply intertwined with community development to ensure it contributes towards building a thriving community as a catalyst in supporting Malaysia’s pursuits to solve key problems for the future. With Force for Good, we believe that the true measure of innovation lies in its power to elevate lives and empower communities from all perspectives. This unwavering belief guides our every action, ensuring that progress at MRANTI Park translates into a brighter future for all. 

We at MRANTI also focus on promoting an engaged and inclusive workforce that is adaptable to change. We aim to ensure a safe and forward-looking workplace for employees and establish zero tolerance towards violations of labour rights. This involves providing training and development opportunities for employees, creating a culture of diversity and inclusion, and investing in employee well-being. By 2025, we aspire to have an inclusive, engaged, and ESG-competent workforce.

Underpinning all of MRANTI's efforts is a commitment to ethical conduct and good governance especially as a government agency. We have established a transitional governance structure for better transparency and centralised monitoring of sustainability efforts throughout MRANTI's value chain, ultimately becoming an ESG-accountable organisation by 2025.

Operationalising these principles involves not just policy implementation but practice, not just grand plans but actions. Whether through the implementation of green technologies in daily operations or the strategic planning for long-term, sustainable growth, the embodiment of these values is a testament to a leadership that envisions a better tomorrow and actively constructs it.

Power of Collective Effort

With the determination of transforming MRANTI Park into a carbon-neutral beacon of science and technology, Force for Good initiative is an open invitation for collaboration across the spectrum of society – from academic circles and industry mavericks to policymakers and community advocates. This also calls to unite diverse strengths and visions, fostering an environment where innovation flourishes through shared effort and combined expertise.

Looking forward, the path brims with potential for transformative change. We urge individuals, organisations, and communities to join this movement, a collective journey that breaks free from traditional limits to chart a new course. This is more than a call to action – it is an invitation to co-create a future that reimagines the intersection of technology, society, and sustainability. We invite you to be an integral part of our journey, contributing to each of our four foundational pillars, and together, we will build a legacy of innovation that stands the test of time.

Partner with MRANTI's Force for Good

• Inclusive Ecosystem Access: Tap into MRANTI's comprehensive ecosystem encompassing infrastructure, vibrant communities, dynamic events, and impactful programmes.

• Collaborative Opportunities: Engage in collaborative ventures to develop actionable sustainability strategies addressing MRANTI's material issues.

• Policy Influence: Contribute to evidence-based policy-making and advocacy at ministerial levels to enhance Malaysia's sustainability in Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI). 

With this, we call upon you to begin your journey with the Force for Good initiative. Join us in shaping a future where innovation and ecological responsibility create a legacy that will endure for generations.


At MRANTI, we are committed to revolutionising how ideas evolve into impactful innovations. We catalyse technology and innovation creation, development, and commercialisation by fusing our developmental expertise with state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and services. Join us in this bold endeavour to shape a future where ideas swiftly become impactful realities, propelling society and industry forward.

Khalid Yashaiya is a strategist who facilitates MRANTI’s journey into a future where sustainability and advanced technology converge, paving the way for transformative growth and innovation.