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Highways of the Future: Navigating MRANTI's AV XL with 5G

January 29, 2024
Safuan Zairi, Chief Ecosystem Officer at MRANTI
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Take a trip with MRANTI's Autonomous Vehicle Experimental Lab, where the mix of 5G and autonomous tech is changing transport and reshaping how we live. Discover a place where speed meets planning, and working together is key to moving forward.

By Safuan Zairi

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are a big step forward, changing our transport system with more efficiency, safety, and ease of use. MRANTI's AV Experimental Lab (AV XL) is at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what we can do with transport.

Here, 5G technology is a game-changer, giving the AV XL the power to do things we once only dreamed of. It's not just improving how we work; it's opening new doors for self-driving cars.

Connected vehicles and in-car safety tech are expected to boost the market. By 2034, these new automotive technologies could be worth over US$1.6 trillion.

So, MRANTI Park is preparing to be a full-on testing ground for AV tech. It's all about working together, being flexible, and quick to respond, creating a place where everyone can come together, from startups and researchers to big companies. It's about meeting real-world needs within MRANTI Park. The aim is to quickly make, test, validate, and improve solutions for a safer, more inclusive transport future.

The park features a diverse range of testing environments:

● A secure, private AV testbed located within a multi-storey car park, with configurable spaces for tailored testing needs, ensuring security and confidentiality.

● A 12km public route throughout the park, designed to allow AVs to undergo rigorous validation against the complex demands of urban, suburban, and highway conditions typical of Malaysian roads.

● By year's end, we aim to have dedicated garage spaces, workspaces, measurement tools, and assorted road signs for detailed adjustments and troubleshooting, further supporting development.

● Complementing the physical infrastructure, MRANTI Park will soon offer comprehensive awareness, skills, and training programmes. These initiatives aim to engage the community and address the practical considerations and safety concerns of using public roads for AV testing.

All these parts — the places to test and learn — are central to MRANTI's goal, which is to lead the way in changing transportation through new self-driving vehicle technologies.

Integrated Testing Ecosystem

AV XL is a dual-space testing area with private spots for focused testing and a realistic Malaysian driving route for real-life conditions. This lets innovators test and improve their AV tech in different scenarios.

The facility is ready with high-tech tools to simulate and study many testing conditions. This includes setups for testing how AVs react to pedestrians and bikes, offering a safe way to test without using actual vehicles.

MRANTI Park is also where you can test other AV-related tech, like electric car chargers and smart transport systems. This whole approach is MRANTI's way of encouraging wide-ranging innovation in transport.

MRANTI also gives expert help to those working in autonomous transport. Our team helps get permits and works with the MyAV Committee for a smooth journey. Plus, we connect people with specialists in AV tech for the best advice.

Looking ahead, MRANTI Park's Digital Twin will push tech boundaries for driving simulations, making testing faster and improving software development. This will cut down on time and resources needed for road testing.

We aim to make the park Malaysia's first spot for checking and approving AVs, working with the Ministry of Transport and the Road Transport Department. This is where the safety and performance of AVs in the country will be checked.

Collaborative Ecosystems: The Role of AV XL

MRANTI's AV XL is more than just its tech. It's vital because of its collaborative ecosystem. The lab is where industry, academics, and tech innovators come together to explore the future of transport. It's where different knowledge and skills mix to create new advances.

The 5G Experience Centre (5G XC) is part of this, helping businesses grow and change by testing their solutions and business models in a 5G-connected environment.

This ecosystem approach brings together different people, using their combined strengths to speed up innovation. Here, partnerships are made with a shared goal. This collaborative environment is key to AV XL, ensuring that going from an idea to a product is a journey taken together, exploring new areas in transport innovation.

Join the Revolution

The future we're making fits with national and global tech progress. By being part of this, you're adding to a big story of advancement beyond borders.

Be at the cutting edge of transport innovation at MRANTI Park. Start your application now to test with us, where the future of AVs is happening today. The MRANTI AV Living Lab team is ready to connect you with the perfect partners our Advisory Panel chose for their vision and skills.

Be part of making the future. Visit us and move your project ahead with MRANTI Park.


At MRANTI, we're about turning ideas into real, impactful innovations. We speed up tech creation, development, and commercialisation by combining our expertise with top-notch tech infrastructure and services. Join us in this bold move to create a future where ideas quickly become realities that push society and industry forward.

Safuan Zairi, Chief Ecosystem Officer at MRANTI, leads innovation and ecosystem collaboration, aiming for a future where tech lifts up economies, communities, and the environment.

The image above represents the esteemed 12-member Advisory Panel of the MRANTI Autonomous Vehicle Experimental Lab, who are the guiding forces behind our innovative journey into the future of transportation.