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MRANTI Park’s Living Labs Introduction & Showcase

March 8, 2024
Wan Mohd Farhan
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On the 5th of March 2024, MRANTI welcomes our esteemed Media Partners for a quick tour around MRANTI Park to introduce and showcase what the Living Labs initiative is all about and how it has impacted the Innovation Ecosystem in Malaysia.

The half a day session brings together Media partners from The Edge Malaysia , Digital News Asia , Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA) , RTM, NST, TechNode.com Global and Astro AWANI to witness firsthand our Makers Lab, AV Lab, 5G Lab, Robotics and A57 Drone Lab’s offerings, services, and technology demonstrations from our esteemed tech partners.

Makers Lab: Unlocking Technopreneurial Potential

From our Makers Lab, Ts. Norazlina binti Md Sani shared the dynamic environment that catalyzes innovative thinking, resulting in 4,552 technopreneurs gaining exposure and reaping benefits through state-of-the-art facilities. By fostering an ecosystem that includes coaching, mentoring, and training programs that has benefitted over 1,115 technopreneurs and transforming their ideas into tangible solutions.

William Alvisse sharing about the Makers Lab facilities and services which includes 8 units of 3D Printers that are ready to be utilized by MRANTI partners.
Daryl Alvisse shares how a laser cutting machine is being used at the Makers Lab to create MRANTI souvenirs.

We are supported by our Makers Lab partner Stem4All that has helped to develop and curate various programs to benefit the young Innovative community such as the World Engineering Day (WED) 2024, which is happening on the 7th of March 2024! (Click to Join!)

Autonomous Vehicle Lab: Pioneering Future Mobility Solutions

AV Lab development currently in collaboration with Nottingham University Malaysia

Safuan Zairi then shared on MRANTI’s AV Lab that is equipped with a 12-km marked test route, a digital twin environment and 5G network coverage that could revolutionize the transportation industry.

The AV Virtual Simulation & Safety Testing that will be done at the AV Labs not only ensures the safety of autonomous vehicles but positions Malaysia as a leader in AV technology. The upcoming AV-as-a-Service Certification will be the catalyst for national adoption, influencing the landscape of mobility solutions. With the Digital Twin, MyAV@MRANTI, accessibility is heightened, contributing to the evolution of AV testing globally.

MRANTI Park’s AV Testing Areas covers a 12km route, 0.5km AGV route, multi level parking area as well as testing frameworks and equipment

5G Lab: Transforming Connectivity and Business Landscape

Endorsed as the National Testbed of 5G Innovation, MRANTI’s 5G Lab has far-reaching impacts. The comprehensive 5G coverage and the 5GXC initiative have benefitted 126 companies and 613 individuals, creating a thriving ecosystem for 5G development.

Executing 6 Proof-of-Concepts demonstrates the practical applications of 5G technology, and collaborations with key stakeholders ensures the integration of 5G in business solutions.

BNetwork’s CEO & Director - Tharmaindran K. G
Dr. Kev Lim from QMed Asia sharing their services on their healthtech solution, a 5G Powered Telehealth & Remote Vitals Monitoring Solution

Area57 Drone & Robotics Lab: Elevating Malaysia's Drone and Robotics Landscape

Area57 is vital to ecosystem partners like Meraque MY that utilizes the facility to test their drones and Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGV) before being deployed at the actual site.

Area57 @ MRANTI Park is one of the most active designated drone sites in Malaysia, hosting over 16 Proof of Concepts, conducted over 64 training sessions, empowering more than 200 participants in 2023. The ongoing development of physical infrastructure promises an enhanced testing ground for drone companies, creating an environment conducive for technological breakthroughs. Drone companies actively utilizing the site for various activities, including demonstrations and even drone racing events. Area57’s recognition by CAAM and JUPEM helps to expedite operational and approval processes, positioning Area57 as a pivotal site for cutting-edge advancements in drone and robotics technology in Malaysia.

Meraque’s Hybrid Drone Sprayer development was supported by the National Technology Innovation Sandbox (NTIS) initiative and has been successfully commercialized. Meraque’s R&D team consisting of young talented engineers has since further developed a fully autonomous AGV to meet industry requirements and to complement their drone solutions.

Meraque is currently one of MRANTI’s DroneTech partners who are utilising Area57 for their training requirement (Classroom) and for practical training purposes. Drone training partners in Malaysia are expected to train more than 2,000 drone pilots in 2024 to meet the growing industry demand for such services.

MRANTI together with its Robotics partner, SCUTTLE Robotics Asia PLT also co-organize Robothon Industry Challenge where the objective is to develop prototype robotics solutions that tackle real world problems. As such the problem statements that forms the basis of the program were sourced from MRANTI’s partners across 4 industry clusters namely Healthcare, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Retail. By having the industry providing direct input on what they desire this ultimately gives the solutions developed a path to commercialization.

Hakimi from Scuttle Robotics introduces the Robotron team from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia and the 2023 Grand Winner, Robocount from University of Malaya.

This is in line with the National Robotics Roadmap 2030 vision where Malaysia seeks to extract value from robotics as a key enabling technology for increasing industry competitiveness. Overall a total of 30 teams from 13 universities all around the country took part in the program.

The program is made possible in collaboration with Malaysia Productivity Corporation , Intel Corporation , VIAM Robotics, MYRAS and also industry challenge partners which include among others Pavilion REIT, Retailetics, FAVORIOT , Move Robotic Sdn. Bhd. , and APulsar. At the end of the program a Demo Day was held to give the participants an opportunity to showcase their solutions. One team was crowned as Grand Winner but more importantly all were given guidance and mentorship to continue developing their solution beyond prototype and towards a commercially viable product.

MRANTI’s Living Labs collectively contribute to Malaysia's journey towards technological excellence, fostering an environment where innovation thrives, and cutting-edge solutions emerge to address global challenges.