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MATCH Explained: How to Harness Malaysia’s Innovation Monetisation Platform

August 21, 2023
Dr. Afnizanfaizal Abdullah, General Manager
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MATCH Explained: How to Harness Malaysia’s Innovation Monetisation Platform

Malaysia’s innovation landscape is thriving and MRANTI is taking a bold step forward with the launch of our new Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Platform (MATCH)

The country is at an exciting inflection point, with the intellectual property landscape demonstrating remarkable growth and substantial economic achievements. This momentum was recently highlighted by Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who announced that a total of 474 products/technologies/services were successfully commercialised between 2016-2022 through the Malaysian Commercialisation Year (MCY) summit, resulting in a revenue exceeding RM540 million. 

As the country’s innovative realm progresses, the journey from ideas to real-world products and success isn’t always smooth. The vibrant growth and economic achievements, while exciting, also bring to light a critical challenge––bridging the gap between innovation and commercialisation. It is important that groundbreaking ideas do not just remain on the drawing board but transform into tangible products that impact our daily lives. To do this, there is a crucial need to connect those driving innovation with those seeking to implement it. This is where MATCH comes into play. 

What is MATCH? 

MATCH is a dynamic hub that connects Tech Providers with Tech Seekers. It is a space designed for collaboration, innovation, and collective action. Here’s how MATCH makes the technology commercialisation process more accessible and effective: 

  1. Mobilise Collaboration: If you are seeking collaboration for projects, MATCH makes this easy by bringing together diverse groups like government bodies, academic researchers, corporations, and start-ups to help you translate your research into real-world solutions. 
  1. Expertise Matching: Find the right people for projects and challenges. MATCH simplifies collaboration by connecting Tech Providers with Tech Seekers to turn ideas into impact.
  1. Mentorship and Expertise: Need guidance on developing your ideas? MATCH offers access to experts through webinars, workshops, or one-on-one sessions to help you navigate from idea to implementation.

How Does MATCH Work for You?

I am a Tech Provider: 

For innovators and inventors, MATCH offers a platform for you to list your innovation, allowing you to expand your reach, demonstrate your expertise, secure investment opportunities, and fuel your growth. MATCH is a space to connect with potential partners, commercialise your technology, and establish yourself as a leader in your field.

I am a Tech Seeker: 

For entrepreneurs and investors, MATCH allows you to discover a wide range of technologies on a single platform. Submit problem statements and locate projects that resonate with your values and goals, whether you are looking to drive growth or foster innovation through partnerships and investments.

Why Is It Important to Bridge the Gap Between Innovation and Commercialisation?

The journey from innovation to commercialisation can be a challenging one, and Chester Carlson’s story of inventing Xerography perfectly illustrates this. 

In the early 1900s, Carlson invented Xerography, the process that laid the foundation for photocopiers. Although Carlson was able to secure patents for his invention, he found it difficult to find investors and partners to develop and commercialise his technology. It was finally after a 10-year search with rejections from over 20 companies that he was able to partner with the Haloid Company, which later became Xerox. In 1951, 21 years after Carlson first invented Xerography, the first office copier was released to the world by Xerox. What was once a challenging journey to commercialise a novel idea is now a technology we use daily, photocopying documents with just the touch of a button. 

So, what does this story have to do with MATCH? 

Carlson’s story highlights that having innovative ideas is only the beginning. There must be a bridge between innovation and commercialisation, or brilliant ideas may never reach their intended audience. 

MATCH is designed to be that bridge. Innovation is the spark that fuels progress, but it needs the right connections and support to ignite. Whether you are a Tech Provider looking for the right opportunity or a Tech Seeker wanting a partnership, don’t let a mismatch keep you from realising your potential. Transform mismatched ideas with MATCH. It is, after all, not just about making connections, but making the right ones for a better future, together.