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Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI) is Malaysia’s central research & innovation commercialisation agency that accelerates ideas to market.

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At MRANTI, each stage of your innovation journey is completely supported.

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We offer tailor-made solutions for your life-changing ideas & innovation.


Rocket Your Ideas to Market on 686 Acres of Land

MRANTI Park provides 4IR-ready infrastructures & integrated facilities for innovators & entrepreneurs with big ideas to make even bigger impact

Featured Stories

Data8: Solution to All Things Data

Since 2018, Data8 has shown continuous growth at the forefront data driven technology, offering partnerships & customized solutions for their clients.

MRANTI Park Community

B Network: Connecting Homes & Technologies

Also known as bWave, is the leading Asia Pacific region home automation systems provider that offers unrivalled convenience via implementation of IoT, since 2009.

MRANTI Park Community

Aerodyne - The Leading Drone Company

From 2014 to present, Aerodyne has established itself as the nation’s lead in DT3 (drone technology, data technology & digital transformation) enterprise solutions provider.

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