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TNB Establishes Green Lane Pathway For Malaysia’s Data Centre Market

August 9, 2023
Business Today
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Tenaga Nasional Berhad has established the Green Lane Pathway, an exclusive pathway and strategic offering for Malaysia’s data centre market to provide efficient and environmentally responsible solutions for data centre operators, and to streamline the on-boarding process for data centres, expedite approvals and facilitate a smooth setup of data centre operations in Malaysia.

The Green Lane Pathway features fast-track supply offerings for electricity, where data centres will be connected three times faster than the normal delivery time, reducing the implementation period from 36-48 months to just 12 months, alongside a One-Stop-Centre (OSC) for data centre investors and dedicated support services.

TNB says this process is expected to attract more data centre companies to establish their operations in Malaysia, the utility giant will also offer round-the-clock maintenance assistance and tailored solutions to meet the requirements of each data centre.

TNB signed five strategic partnerships through its four Electricity Supply Agreements (ESA) with Yellowwood Properties Sdn Bhd (Yondr), AirTrunk Malaysia Sdn Bhd (AirTrunk), SIPP Power Sdn Bhd (SIPP) and GDS IDC Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GDS) and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MRANTI Corporation Sdn Bhd.

MITI Minister Tengku Zafrul who attended he event, highlighted the importance of data centres as the nerve centre of the digital world, and act as the backbone that supports the seamless functioning of interconnected systems, facilitating the storage, processing and delivery of vast amounts of information that support the modern way of life.