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The top 30 companies of the 5th Selangor Startup Accelerator Program will receive training in the next 3 months

June 30, 2022
Oriental Daily
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(Shah Alam, 30th March) The 5th Selangor Accelerator Program (SAP) attracted a total of 225 competitive companies to sign up. Among them, 30 startups stood out and successfully advanced to participate in the intensive training course in the next 3 months!

Selangor State Executive Councillor Datuk Deng Zhang Qin announced the list of the top 30 companies this year during his opening speech for the accelerator program at the Selangor Digital Creative Centre (SDCC) today.

Tang Zhangqin pointed out that these companies will participate in the accelerator training courses organized by the Selangor Information Technology and Digital Economy Corporation (Sidec) in the coming 10 weeks.

He revealed that the theme of this year’s edition is “Net Zero, Sustainability and Circular Economy”, focusing on five vertical fields, including agriculture, green, smart city, finance, and health technology.

He said that this is the fifth time the Innovation Accelerator Programme has been held, and so far, many participants have benefited a lot, with the Selangor Information Technology and Digital Economy Agency playing an important role.

Yang Kaibin, CEO of Selangor Technology and Digital Economy Agency, said that registration for this year’s SAP has been open since May 10. As of June 13, a total of 225 new start-ups have actively signed up for SAP, which is more than 165 last year. 36.4%.

"This proves that more and more startups are responding to SAP's slogan, "Charge your startup, take it further."

He revealed that the top 30 companies will have the opportunity to receive AWS Cloud Computing (AWS) credits worth US$5,000, and the Selangor Digital Creative Center will provide free co-working space for 6 months, including opportunities to collaborate with industry players.

He said that this year's accelerator program will have 14 workshops, 3 diagnostic briefings, 5 office hours mentoring sessions, 1 closed-door semi-final, and a demonstration (Demo Day) on September 10.

On the other hand, Li Weihua, representative of AFFIN BANK, pointed out in his speech that the goals of the Innovative Enterprise Accelerator Program are in line with the bank's motto "Always serve you".

"Affin Bank will always act as a loyal partner, providing SMEs and start-ups with necessary service packages, relevant business tools and customized services to drive business development."

It is understood that Affin Bank has been the main sponsor of the accelerator program for two consecutive years, and will continue to fully support small and medium-sized enterprises, especially new start-ups with strong potential and successful investment to improve their performance.

The Selangor State Innovation and Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program (SAP) is supported by the Selangor state government and aims to cultivate viable business models and talents for new technology companies that are ready to launch new products.

Since 2018, the Selangor Innovative Enterprise Acceleration Programme has nurtured a total of 120 new start-ups, of which about 34% of the graduates who participated in the innovative training courses successfully raised funds and improved their performance.

Strategic partners of the 5th Selangor Innovative Enterprise Accelerator Program in 2022 include Microsoft, The Hive Southeast Asia, Tuas Capital Partners, Agrobank and RHL Ventures.

Meanwhile, co-organizers include Amazon Web Services, TusStar, MRANTI, Cradle, MDEC, Mystartr, Biztory, Worq, Common Ground, Rtist, Youbeli, Mices Tech, NexMind Al, Beamstart, iTrain, Startup Mamak and Exabytes.

For more exciting events and details, please visit the Selangor Digital Creative Centre website: www.sidec.com.my to help elevate your startup.

Today’s guests include Raja Ahmad Shahril, Chief Executive Officer of Selangor Investment Corporation (PNSB), and Dato’ Sai Yi Hai Zhan, Managing Director of The Hive Southeast Asia.

The list of the top 30 companies in the 5th Selangor Innovation and Entrepreneurship Accelerator is as follows:

    1. Buddey Technology Holdings
    2. iReka Soft Enterprise
    3. Capsphere
    4. AIRI Global
    5. Energreen Tech
    6. Mushin Biz Solutions
    7. Loop Foods
    8. Beebag
    9. Entomal Biotech
    10. Urban Farm Tech
    11. Bumi Gemilang Oils
    12. ARIA Spectre
    13. Move On
    14. Film Wallet
    15. Fintech Worldwide
    16. Seeddream Technology
    17. Axelcloud Technologies
    18. Diet Ideas
    19. Emergence Innovative
    20. Mtra IT Solutions
    21. Global  Cerah
    22. Blue Duck Tech
    23. Niagable PLT
    24. ELMLAB
    25. Oh Digital Solution
    26. Ironwood Global Logistics
    27. MDC Digitech
    28. Collaborative Excellence
    29. Swipey
    30. Ashisuto Global Technologies

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