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The Ministry of Science and Art will focus on cultivating innovative talents and carry out research to achieve the target of the proportion of professionals

May 26, 2022
Nanyang Siang Pau
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Drone Aham Baba
Adham Baba (centre) commends a group of students for successfully assembling the drone.

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 26): The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation will focus on cultivating scientific and technological innovation talents and conducting experimental research.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba said the government is committed to further commercialising locally developed technologies, services and innovative products.

He said that since the launch of the Malaysia Commercialization Year Plan from 2016 to 2021, the Ministry of Science and Technology has successfully commercialized 434 products, technologies and services in the local and international markets, with a total sales value of RM476 million, which is a testament to the commercialization of R&D. The ecosystem of outcomes remains relevant.

Speaking at the launch ceremony of the MakersLab at the Malaysian Accelerator Research Centre for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) today, Aham Baba said that the Ministry of Science and Technology will take various initiatives to enhance the local industry, higher education institutions and industries. R&D experiment activities of government research institutions.

"It generates revenue by commercializing locally developed products and technologies, so MRANTI has an important mandate to accelerate and consolidate R&D, commercialization and innovation efforts."

He said that under the 12th Malaysia Plan, MRANTI was entrusted to develop the 686-acre Malaysian Technology and Innovation Accelerator Research Center Park into an Industry 4.0 Innovation Center, providing basic facilities and equipment to promote production, commercialization and local technology. transfer.

He said that the government provides technology entrepreneurs with various channels, funds, expertise, facilities and technologies, and strives to enhance innovation and R&D results in order to create products for local industries.

"The lack of a complete facility has led to a gap between the availability of the initiative and the commercialization process, which is one of the reasons why many R&D products cannot be commercialized."

Adham Baba said that by setting up the Maker Lab, it can provide entrepreneurs with comprehensive guidance from product prototyping to commercialization.

He said the Maker Lab will provide a special space for innovators to experiment with products/new technologies, especially products/technologies that require test sites.

In addition, MRANTI Chief Executive Officer Dzureila said that the Maker Lab adds value to the Malaysian Technology and Innovation Accelerator Research Center Park, providing comprehensive R&D, commercialization and innovation services.

She pointed out that the Malaysia Technology and Innovation Accelerator Research Center Park currently promotes five living laboratories, which include drone technology, drones, 5G network infrastructure, biotechnology, etc., which are very suitable for stress testing innovation in a closed environment .

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