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#TECH: iNNOVATE Tech Show 2022 to showcase latest drone technologies

October 12, 2022
New Straits Times
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KUALA LUMPUR: The upcoming iNOVATE Tech Show 2022 will provide Asian companies with innovations to help them drive businesses towards digitalisation and sustainability, as well as address business barriers in adopting digital transformation.

"Leveraging on modern technology, we bring a wide range of technologies and digitalised products and services. From industrial automation to drones, you will be seeing innovations, digital products and services ranging from industrial automation to cloud solutions and industrial drones used for surveillance, agriculture logistics, and security. Other exhibitors include in the area of artificial intelligence (AI), iOT and robotic solutions that will help agriculture, automotive, healthcare, logistics and transportation, manufacturing and retail businesses propel into the future," said Best Events Productions managing partner and iNNOVATE Tech Show 2022 producer, Hanniz Lam.

One of the highlights of the show is the third installation of the Global Drone Conference that gathers Drone Ecosystem players across businesses such as agriculture, construction, telecommunication, energy, security surveillance, etc, of the future possibilities, application and commercialisation of the future US$47.38 billion commercial drone market.

Some of the drone companies that will be showcasing their latest drone technologies and solutions include Meraque, Malvus Sense, VStream Revolution, Aonic, Avion Drone, AirAsia Drones, Aeronerve and Looka; and unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) in the Drone Zone.

Meanwhile, MRANTI chief ecosystem development officer, Safuan Zairi said Under the Malaysian Drone Technology Action Plan 2022-2030 (MDTAP30), they have identified 8 missions that will help Malaysia achieve the RM50.71 billion for Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and create 100,000 job opportunities.

"We want to see Malaysia's involvement and how they are harnessing drone technology right now. We have to build the UTM system to identify which areas the drones are operating in. We also want to see how drones are being applied in certain sectors. For instance, in enhancing automation in plantation agriculture, we are already using drones in palm oil. Aerodyne has recorded 26 per cent of saving when you use drones for spraying. We also look into emergency disasters and rescue missions especially during changing weather patterns or troubled times and for locating flood victims and whatnot. Now, big companies are starting to ponder on how they can incorporate the services and advantages that drones have into what they can offer," he added on how drones can be applied in multiple sectors.

MRANTI and the Drone Technology ecosystem partners will host sessions on regulations, technology updates, career fair and an invitation workshop for MDTAP30 introduction.

The iNNOVATE Tech Show 2022 will also feature the Smart Mobile Studio VR Bus for participants to discover how Virtual Reality is used in various business environments.

The iNNOVATE Tech Show 2022 will be held from Oct 19 to 21, 2022, at MARTRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC), Kuala Lumpur.

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