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Taking IP From Lab to Market, Defining Sustainability in Business, And Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

November 17, 2023
5 mins read

Technological innovation has repeatedly impacted the business ecosystem, whether it's the disruption that word processing or emails caused when they were first introduced, or the current rise of AI with platforms like ChatGPT.

At the foundation of this is the support of R&D initiatives, the development of IP, and of course its monesation and commercialisation.

With that in mind, it is important to not just understand the importance of technological innovation and how we foster that, but also how we commercialise and monetise these innovations, apply them into day to day operations, tapping unmet markets, and more.

Helping us with this discussion is Dr. Viraj Perera, Director of Industry Partnerships & Commercialisation, FoNS, Imperial College London.

Dr. Viraj will be in Malaysia next week for MRANTI’s I-Nation 2023 conference which will be held at Connexion, Bangsar South on November 20th focused on the theme "People & Planet” with engaging dialogues on accelerating innovation, the role of ESG principles, women in sustainability, AI, and much more.