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SustaiNation LLP: Leading The Green Revolution For Malaysian Organisations

December 23, 2023
Malaysia Kini
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95% of companies in Malaysia have set up sustainability goals, but only half have actively initiated their strategies. With this in mind, SustaiNation LLP is on a mission to advocate for and support the incorporation of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) organisational initiatives among Malaysian businesses.

The Sarawak-based company was founded in 2020 and is certified by the Human Resource Corporation (HRDCorp). As a training provider, SustaiNation LLP offers consultancy services, workshops, training sessions, and strategic action plans tailored for every organisation – ensuring a holistic approach to ESG, SDG, and CSR integration while maintaining profitability.

“We serve as a catalyst for companies to attain sustainable goals regardless of their industry and business model. Our suite of services and solutions drive these companies to move past the starting line and foster a cleaner and greener ecosystem,” said Tan Pei Chin, Managing Director of SustaiNation LLP.

In line with their mission, the company is also engaging in their own projects of a similar nature. For one, they are collaborating with MRANTI and UNICEF on The Green School Concept project, designed to address waste management challenges in Sarawak’s rural schools. The initiative aims to prioritise local children’s well-being, enhance their living environments, and promote public health awareness.

“Over six months, we installed upcycling facilities in four schools across Padawan, Sarawak. We also educated the students on recycling facts as well as hosted hands-on activities involving waste segregation and plastic waste upcycling. Hopefully, through initiatives like these, we can  foster a culture of environmental responsibility among the students,Pei Chin shared.

This project is also aligned with the Responsible Consumption and Production Alliance (RCPA) framework, which aims to promote green practices in rural villages and encourage responsible consumption and production. The RCPA framework is open to all potential stakeholders, inclined local councils, NGOs, CSOs, and companies – in fact, they welcome collective participation in their sustainable efforts.

Additionally, SustaiNation LLP has launched the Plastic Waste Upcycling Machine Fabrication initiative, which involves engineering cutting-edge solutions to repurpose plastic materials. This is done by using fabricating upcycling machines hand-in-hand with other services. At the heart of it all, SustaiNation LLP aims to lead Malaysian organisations towards a circular economy and ultimately, a greener future.