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Singapore Polytechnic, MRANTI to foster better knowledge exchange and cross-border insights

October 18, 2023
The Edge
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SINGAPORE (Oct 18): Singapore Polytechnic has partnered with the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI) to foster better knowledge exchange and cross-border insights.

Singapore Polytechnic is MRANTI's first education partner in the republic.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies Heng Swee Keat witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Singapore Polytechnic and MRANTI at the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2023 here on Wednesday.

According to Heng, as a Global-Asia node of technology, innovation, and enterprise, Singapore is working with partners from the region and beyond to build capabilities and a development pipeline, especially for young talent.

The collaboration encapsulates Singapore Polytechnic and MRANTI’s shared vision and commitment to drive innovation, exchange knowledge and catalyse technological progress.

Through the internship opportunities at MRANTI, Singapore Polytechnic students will be able to broaden their exposure to research and gain hands-on work experience in cutting-edge areas such as the development of drones and robotics.

Both institutions will work together to develop an Exploration and Innovation platform inspired by Singapore Polytechnic’s Sustainable Innovation Project, a key aspect of the polytechnic’s core curriculum for their students to address real-life issues faced in society.

“We share a common dream of nurturing future leaders in innovation within vital sectors such as AI, sustainability, and manufacturing,” said principal and chief executive officer of Singapore Polytechnic, Soh Wai Wah.

Soh noted that the partnership will also bring education out of the classroom beyond borders and enable project collaborations between students from the two countries.

Together, students from Singapore Polytechnic and the Malaysian universities, identified by MRANTI, will work on multi-disciplinary sustainability projects, leveraging design thinking methodology to address industry challenges.

To nurture the spirit of techno-preneurship and entrepreneurship and promote cross-cultural collaborations, the students can also look forward to hackathons, ideathons, boot camps and facility visits.

Meanwhile, MRANTI CEO Datuk Dr Rais Hussin said it will collaborate with Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Singapore Polytechnic to support the development of the MRANTI 4IR Advanced Manufacturing Living Lab, Area57 (Drone Tech Centre of Excellence) and the MRANTI Autonomous Vehicle Living Lab.

“Our joint venture aims to accelerate commercialisation opportunities in various verticals, opening doors for businesses within the Singapore Polytechnic Innovation Ecosystem to explore soft landing opportunities in Malaysia through MRANTI,” said Rais.