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Opensignal report: Unifi leads global 5G download speeds, showcasing Malaysia’s rise in 5G connectivity

October 19, 2023
Malay Mail
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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 19 — Local internet service provider, Unifi, has tied as the global winner for average 5G download speeds in Group I markets, according to a leading global mobile analytics company’s report.

Opensignal report revealed that Unifi shared the top position with Sweden’s Telenor, both achieving statistically tied scores of 407.4 and 421.7Mbps.

Opensignal’s findings indicated that Unifi and Telenor have set the benchmark for 5G download speeds in Group I, which comprises operators from markets with a land area exceeding 200,000 square kilometres.

Malaysia’s Digi has secured a place among the 5G global leaders in the same category, ranking fourth with an impressive score of 384.1Mbps.

“Unifi’s local peers also perform strongly, with Digi placed fourth with a score of 384.1Mbps while U Mobile and Celcom narrowly fail to hit the same mark this time around.

“Unifi’s strong performance can be attributed to the relatively light load on Malaysia’s single wholesale 5G network, Digital Nasional Berhad, where Maxis, the last operator to join, launched 5G services in August,” it said in a report yesterday.

According to the report, Digi has not only secured a place among the 5G global leaders but has also tied with Japan’s SoftBank for the top spot in the 5G games experience category, scoring 89.7-90.2 points on a 100-point scale.

The games experience category evaluates how mobile users experience real-time multiplayer mobile gaming on a 5G network, considering latency, packet loss, and jitter factors.

“In this category, Celcom is recognised as one of the 5G global leaders, securing a score of 89.3 points. U Mobile and Indonesia’s Telkomsel follow closely with statistically tied scores of 87.6 and 88.3 points,” it said.

All of the operators identified as 5G global winners and 5G global leaders for 5G games experience in Group I have achieved the highest possible rating, “Excellent” (85 or above) which means that the vast majority of users find their 5G network experience to be more than acceptable, with minimal delays, enabling seamless and immersive multiplayer gaming.

The Opensignal report also underscored the significant impact of 5G in various markets, where it has led to dramatic improvements in download speeds, video streaming quality, and the multiplayer gaming experience.

In markets with substantial 5G adoption, the report found that 5G has typically improved average download speeds by 3-6 times compared to 4G.

Users have also reported notable enhancements in their video streaming and multiplayer gaming experiences, emphasising the transformative power of 5G.

“Unifi’s exceptional performance in download speeds and the overall strong presence of Malaysian operators underscore the country’s progress in the 5G era, promising a more connected and high-speed future for mobile users,” it said.