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MRANTI gathers 20 5G stakeholders to discuss issues

April 7, 2023
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Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) today brought together 20 stakeholders to discuss issues, connect, and collaborate on 5G progress, design, development, and deployment in the industry and enterprise.

Participating in the roundtable were executives and CEOs from Celcom-Digi, Maxis, Telekom Malaysia, YTL, Huawei, Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB), Ericsson, GSM Association (GSMA), and more.

The discussion follows the recent tripartite Memorandum of Understanding inked between MRANTI, DNB and Ericsson to accelerate the commercialisation of 5G-enabled Science, Technology, Innovation and Economy (STIE) solutions by and for enterprises based in Malaysia.

The gathering showcased Smart Farming by Redtone, Smart Manufacturing by Xts, HealthTech Solution by BNetworks, Security Surveillance by CelcomDigi and Flood Drone Monitoring by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

MRANTI’s role

According to MRANTI, industry, pundits have alluded that a key indicator for the success of 5G must include enterprise innovation and use cases that provide compelling applications to intensify industry adoption.

“As many enterprises fast-track their digitalisation plans, we want to offer the right enabling environment - beyond infrastructure and technologies, for them to realise the full value of 5G,” said Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO, MRANTI at the special roundtable discussion held at MRANTI Park.

According to the 2022 EY Reimagining Industry Futures study, 24% of enterprises are confident that their organisation can successfully implement 5G. Many are said to be looking for transformation partners, not just technology suppliers and up to 75% cite ecosystem strategies as central to their five-year growth outlook.

“These multi-stakeholder roundtable discussions open up new possibilities for dynamic business models and technical collaborations that serve to advance 5G enterprise development and adoption,” Dzuleira added.

MRANTI Park would provide a 5G enterprise-purposed facility soon. The MRANTI 5G Experience Centre is set to be launched by mid-2023. It will host a prototyping, test, demo and lab area with speeds up to 1GBps to showcase industry applications and use cases by various verticals.

MRANTI welcomes infrastructure service providers, telcos and enterprises looking to partner on programme ranging from, test-bed a 5G Proof-of-Concept, test a 5G solution, or learn about applied 5G.

At MRANTI Park, innovators can leverage an ultra-fast 5G network for better communication efficiency (higher data rates, lower latency), connection density (reliability, availability and coverage) and position accuracy (higher user mobility).

MRANTI also runs several knowledge sessions and workshops for enterprise innovation.

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