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MRANTI GAP To Focus On Companies From 3 High Potential Industries

June 17, 2022
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MRANTI aims to fast-track the country’s commercialisation of its technology and innovation through its Global Accelerator Programme (GAP).

MRANTI GAP looks to provide technology companies with the knowledge, market access and skills needed to scale and commercialise their products and services by becoming investment-ready.

The programme is now poised to embark on another journey to plan, propose, and problem-solve for innovators and bright-eyed entrepreneurs through a refreshed approach.

The new approach incorporates a thematic focus centering around 3 high potential industries – Medical and Healthcare, Business and Financial Services, and Water and Food. This narrowed focus will allow MRANTI GAP to offer a more specialised programme that addresses the unique challenges and requirements of these sectors.

The sectors were selected in support of MOSTI’s (The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) framework, the 10-10 Malaysian Science, Technology, Innovation and Economic (MySTIE). MySTIE is a plan designed to spearhead the country’s socio-economic development aiming to create 5 unicorn local startups by 2025, and the government’s strategy to accelerate the nation’s adoption of technology and innovation as outlined in the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP).

Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO of MRANTI said,MRANTI will leverage 4IR – enabling technology by focusing on the commercialization of the technology. Priority is given to technologies involving blockchain, robotics, sensor technology, advanced materials and drones, among others. This is where companies and participating technologies need to have prototype systems ready to be demonstrated in a real environment. In this regard, research, development, commercialisation and innovation, will be intensified, to harness the potential of advanced technology.”

Aiming to provide companies with a conducive environment to learn and grow, MRANTI GAP’s programme this year will provide innovators with unlimited access to specialised and dedicated infrastructure support, coaching as well as a platform to carry out pilot testing.

Specially curated to accelerate the growth of both local and global companies, the programme is designed to prepare businesses to be future-proof and stay ahead of the competition.

From access to living labs for prototyping and testbed environments, to collaboration opportunities with relevant players within the MRANTI ecosystem, MRANTI GAP provides innovators and companies with the necessary facilities and outlets to scale and commercialise their technology.

Effortless Planning, Limitless Growth

Along with accelerating growth, MRANTI GAP helps businesses with their technology commercialisation; providing them with the support they need to be investment and expansion ready. Participating companies in MRANTI GAP will also be exposed to corporates, investors and receive market access for support in their technology commercialisation journey.

“Wanting to expand the business on a global scale is a natural next step for entrepreneurs and business owners once they have found success locally. However, many companies, despite having brilliant ideas and solutions, lack the know-how and expertise to scale and grow. Without the right platform, ideas are just ideas. Through MRANTI GAP, we provide our community of researchers and innovators with the right platform for ideas and purposeful innovations to thrive and make an impact,” added Dzuleira.

Following the conclusion of the application process on the 20th of May, MRANTI is currently in the process of vetting and will be announcing the selected companies for each thematic track by the 1st week of July.

The cohort will run from August to September, with a dedicated session to present to ecosystem players scheduled for October. MRANTI GAP participants will not only get the opportunity to make the most out of the programme’s intensive curriculum but also benefit from an additional period of follow through with corporates once the core learning has been completed.

GAP was launched in 2017 with the mission to accelerate the growth of scalable start-ups from around the world looking to expand in the ASEAN market. Over the years, the programme has evolved into a trusted platform for mentoring, regional collaboration and partnership, and exclusive access to route-to-market partners.

To date, MRANTI GAP has positively impacted more than 174 market-ready start-ups and has garnered a total of USD 83.26 million throughout their first 5 cohorts.

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