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Mobiva’s Groundbreaking Tech Solutions Propel Global Disaster Preparedness

November 17, 2023
VS Daily
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Malaysian tech startup Mobiva is leading the charge in disaster preparedness and climate resilience through its innovative Citizen platform, utilizing AI-driven technologies and crowd-sourced mobile data to create real-time hazard maps. Since its inception in 2020, Mobiva has experienced substantial growth, securing accolades such as the championship at the ABD Hackathon, and is actively engaged in projects globally, including collaborations with UNICEF and the Asian Development Bank.

17 November 2023 – In response to the escalating frequency and intensity of global natural disasters, Malaysian tech startup Mobiva has emerged as a pioneering force, dedicated to revolutionizing disaster preparedness through state-of-the-art AI-driven technologies and dynamic community engagement. Mobiva’s innovative approach involves harnessing crowd-sourced mobile data to generate real-time hazard maps and essential emergency measures, establishing their Citizen platform as a comprehensive and collaborative resource for response agencies during crises.

Since its inception in July 2020 with the launch of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Mobiva has experienced substantial growth, culminating in their victory at the ABD Hackathon in November 2020. Their mission has expanded across diverse projects, from optimizing vaccine distribution in Uganda to collaborating with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to improve resettlement outcomes. In collaboration with UNICEF and MRANTI, Mobiva’s flagship project in Malaysia focuses on enhancing community awareness and disaster preparedness, while an upcoming initiative in the Philippines targets economic growth in high-risk disaster-prone regions.

The startup actively engages communities through resilience and disaster preparedness workshops, digitally empowering local capacities. Their commitment to “Tech for Good” is exemplified through relentless efforts to drive positive impact globally. The Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) has played a pivotal role in Mobiva’s growth, providing valuable support in the form of guidance, mentorship, and access to a robust network of experts.

Mobiva acknowledges the importance of collaboration, participating in a community awareness program with UNICEF and MRANTI in Malaysia. This initiative aims to enhance disaster awareness and preparedness among local communities, empowering children and mobilizing positive change for increased resilience.

Envisioning a future where technology, community engagement, and data play transformative roles in disaster management, Mobiva actively seeks partnerships with international funders and impact investors who share their vision. This collaborative approach aims to fortify climate resilience in vulnerable communities, reflecting Mobiva’s dedication to making a lasting and positive global impact.