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Grab Malaysia’s latest joint effort with KLEAN and MRANTI will tackle plastic pollution problem

May 31, 2022
Nasi Lemak Tech Online
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Grab has announced that they are venturing into environmental sustainability together with KLEAN and MRANTI.


Working closely together, the e-hailing giant will go hand-in-hand with the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) and KLEAN to delve deep into solutions that will recover and recycle single-use plastic via Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) in the hopes of enforcing the idea of recycling towards fellow Malaysians.

These AI-driven RVMs will be deployed at specific locations where it accepts recyclable food packaging waste as a start and in the meantime, Grab will leverage its platform to provide more visibility of the campaign to drive up participation and education efforts. As for MRANTI, they will be the main guys to provide integrated facilities for end-to-end research, development, commercialisation, and innovation of AI to push the commercialization of the product.

And where does KLEAN comes into this? They are the folks who launched the aforementioned RVMs back in 2019 that collect aluminum cans and plastic bottles to reward users with virtual points. The collected items are recycled by smelting for aluminum or reprocessed into Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) pellets and fiber in the case of plastic bottles.

We hope that the combined efforts of 3 different experts in their respective fields can contribute into a cause with upmost efficiency.

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