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Forward Thai-Malaysia new business opportunities and matchmaking applications start

May 13, 2022
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Taiwan's largest start-up park "Linkou Start-up Park", together with Thailand's True Digital Park (TDPK) and the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI), jointly launched the "Going Thai-Malaysian Market, "Cross-Intro Meetup Program", accelerates the business link between Taiwanese start-ups and Taima Group, and successfully promotes the Southeast Asian start-up ecosystem. The call for applications starts now and ends at the end of May, and new starters who want to expand the Southeast Asian market are invited to sign up!

Caption: Linkou New Venture Park "Advance the Thai-Malaysian Market, New Business Opportunities and Media Projects" call for applications

Linkou Xinchuang Park has been committed to building an international entrepreneurial exchange settlement since 2018. In view of the increasingly mature bilateral cooperation, this year, it is specially planned to cooperate with Thailand's True Digital Park and Malaysia's MRANTI to handle the "Advance Thailand-Malaysia Market, Total New Business Opportunities and Media" "Cross-Intro Meetup Program" aims to assist new startups to connect with business opportunities in the Thai-Malaysian market, link resources and promote service applications, accelerate the scale and international development of startups, and catalyze startup investment and derivative business opportunities.

Thailand's True Digital Park is the largest innovation and innovation institution in Southeast Asia established by TRUE CORPORATION, the largest telecom group in Thailand. It is an innovation and innovation institution that provides Thailand and the world's innovation and technology verification fields and business cooperation links; Malaysia's MRANTI is an innovation under the Malaysian Science and Technology Innovation Department. Technology field and business innovation institution, with the goal of building Malaysia into a hub for new start-ups in the ASEAN region. The two units of this cooperation will assist Taiwan's selected new startups to conduct local market positioning, target market and customer analysis, customized connection with potential customers and business opportunities, and provide visa application and company establishment assistance. The New Venture Association will hold an online application briefing session in mid-May. Interested new entrepreneurs are welcome to pay close attention to the Linkou New Venture Park Facebook.

Caption: Startup Terrace of Linkou New Innovation Park is a domestic index innovation and entrepreneurship industry settlement

In recent years, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Federation and the SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs have actively promoted the exchange of new innovations between Taiwan and Southeast Asia. With Linkou New Innovation Park as the base, linking the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem, connecting transnational markets and enterprises, and creating an endless stream of new innovations Energy and business opportunities.

*Instructions for documents: https://reurl.cc/OAAkar

*Online registration: https://reurl.cc/9GG1ej

*Application period: From now until May 31, 2011 (Tuesday) 23:59

*Event window: (02)2332-8558 ext. 393 Ms. Zhan, ext. 394 Mr. Lin

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