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Country Heights founder unveils plan for Mines International Medical Hub

September 15, 2023
New Straits Times
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SERI KEMBANGAN: Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, founder and advisor of Golden Horse Health Sanctuary (GHHS Healthcare), has revealed plans to transform Mines Wellness City into Mines International Medical Hub for a new era of well-being and healthcare.

Lee, a Palace of the Golden Horses advisor and founder of Country Heights Holdings Bhd, outlined the transformative journey by emphasising the convergence of innovation, preventive medicine and a luxury lifestyle.

The Mines International Medical Hub will provide a comprehensive living hub that will provide local and international travellers with one-stop wellness and healthcare solutions.

Lee shared his revolutionary idea with over 500 participants at the 3rd Malaysian Association for the Advancement of Functional and Interdisciplinary Medicine (MAAFIM) 2023 international conference today.

"Malaysia is one of the most suitable destinations for medical tourism due to its high-quality, affordable healthcare, cultural diversity, and tourist-friendly environment.

"Malaysia offers top-notch medical facilities with advanced technology. The medical services here are cost-effective compared to Western countries.

"We have multilingual healthcare providers, ensuring effective communication. The best thing is that patients can combine treatment with leisure activities in Malaysia," he said.

The MAAFIM 2023 conference, titled "The Better Way," was attended by medical experts and healthcare practitioners from all over the world, including Malaysia.

Lee, patron of MAAFIM, officiated at this educational event, which concludes on Sunday.

He was named MAAFIM's patron in recognition of his prominence in the business community and his desire to promote the use of functional and interdisciplinary medicines for the protection of public health.

Lee emphasised the critical role of non-invasive and interdisciplinary practices in enhancing the body's natural defences against disease.

"MAAFIM's objectives align well with the proactive approach I have always pushed for," he said.

Driven by the fundamental belief that 'prevention is better than cure,' GHHS Healthcare is committed to nurturing not just a medication-free life but a quality life that values every heartbeat and ensures that the body receives the best care from the start.

The essence of this philosophy, which is deeply rooted in early detection and interventions as well as proactive health measures, has driven the creation of a sanctuary that promises not only healing but also a better and higher-quality lifestyle.

Highlighting the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, Lee emphasised the importance of interdisciplinary medicine in changing the approach to health and wellness by proposing a deeper investigation into natural ways to strengthen the body's immune system.

"Why settle for the clinical confines of a hospital when a luxurious hotel awaits to offer medical check-ups in perfectly rejuvenating and relaxed surroundings?

"The Palace of the Golden Horses emerges as this very sanctuary, bridging the combined power of modern and traditional remedies in healthcare, promoting both healing and relaxation," Lee said.

The five-star hotel is reinventing luxury by combining it with health and prevention.

"It goes beyond luxurious stays to luxurious health. We should combine the essence of East and West in the medical field," he added.

Meanwhile, Lee said MAAFIM's goals are consistent with the proactive approach he has always advocated for.

"I always prioritise proactive measures over reactive solutions. Early detections can help empower us to make well-informed choices and conduct early interventions that can save more time, money, and lives," he said.

Dr Paramjit Kaur, president of MAAFIM, said the association is committed to positively impacting patient care and promoting a holistic approach to well-being.

"Our collaborative spirit, coupled with our dedication to enhancing health and well-being globally in the post-Covid era, brings us closer towards a better and healthier future. Let us forge pathways to a healthier future, underpinned by innovation, understanding, and a mutual desire to bring about positive change," she said.

The keynote speakers at the event include Dr Homer Lim (Philippines) on parenteral and enteral nutritional therapies, Dr Sabine Hazan (USA) on microbiome disruption and the impact on immunity —the role of microbiome in cancer initiation and progression and Dr Vijaendreh Subramaniam (Malaysia) on integrative oncology and the essential role of the primary physician, early detection, and follow-up guidelines.

Others are Dr Shankara Chetty (South Africa) on Covid-19 emergency is almost over, Dr Tariq Jasmag (India) on non-invasive assessment of the autonomic nervous system, and Dr Sudha Chepyala (India) on functional and integrative medical approach to patient management.