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Aphelia Wins Malaysia Regional Finals Of The Startup World Cup

October 13, 2023
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Aphelia has been selected as the regional champion for Malaysia and will be representing Malaysia at the Grand Finale of the Startup World Cup in Silicon Valley. Organized worldwide by Pegasus Ventures and hosted by Sunway Innovation Labs (iLabs), the innovation arm of Sunway Group and Sunway University, Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI), Cradle, Hong Leong Bank & Maxis, the finals were hosted at Sunway University. Aphelia will be competing with over 70 startups worldwide to potentially get USD$1 million prize in investment and given the opportunity to network with top entrepreneurs and investors.

“Our collaboration with Sunway iLabs demonstrates our dedication to placing Malaysia’s startup ecosystem on the world map. Through this competition, we have seen the potential and innovation within our local startups, emphasising the need for more events like this to support our growing entrepreneurial community.” Said Mohd Safuan Zairi, MRANTI Chief Ecosystem Development Officer.

“Cradle continues to support the growth of Malaysia’s startup ecosystem, and Aphelia representing the country on an international platform is a testament of the continuous milestones of our collaboration with ecosystem partners and the immense potential local startups possess. We look forward to the outcome of the Grand Finale.” Said Ahmad Kashfi Abdullah, senior vice president ecosystem development of Cradle.

“One of the key goals of Sunway iLabs is to connect Malaysian startups to the vast resources of global markets and innovation hotbeds, such as Silicon Valley, believing it will bring substantial value and be a stepping stone to our local entrepreneurs. The success of the Malaysia Regional Finals of the Startup World Cup is a testament to the talent and potential that Malaysia has to offer, and we are excited to see Aphelia represent our nation on the global stage,” said Matt van Leeuwen, chief innovation officer of Sunway Group and director of Sunway iLabs.

Aphelia is a deep tech startup in the aerospace industry that makes wireless charging stations in space. This innovative solution from Aphelia has the potential to bring about a game-changing shift in the way space missions are approached. By using these wireless charging stations, the high costs associated with launching satellites into space can be slashed by an impressive 90%. The lifespan of satellites is also extended, thereby contributing to a reduction in the growing issue of space debris, which poses a significant environmental concern.

The judges on the panel were MRANTI’s chief ecosystem development officer, Mohd Safuan Mohd Zairi, Sunway Group’s chief innovation officer, Matt van Leeuwen, Hong Leong Bank’s chief digital & innovation officer, Shailesh Grover, Maxis’ chief marketing officer, Loh Keh Jiat , Cradle’s senior vice president ecosystem development, Ahmad Kashfi Abdullah and Cradle’s senior vice president, grant, Juliana Jan.

The top ten startups who presented during the event was selected by the corporate partners such as Hong Leong Bank, Maxis and Sunway iLabs through preliminary and semi-final rounds. Startups were judged based on the solution, market and traction, competitive advantage, business case, founding team, and overall pitch and presentation.

“At Maxis, our passion lies in fostering innovation within the tech ecosystem. Being a partner in the Startup World Cup enables us to cultivate meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs and businesses alike. We extend our full support to the team heading to the Grand Finale,” said Loh Keh Jiat, Maxis Chief Marketing Officer.

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Aphelia on their remarkable achievement in emerging as the victor of the Startup World Cup Malaysia, prevailing amidst a competitive field of startups distinguished by their highly innovative solutions. The quality of innovation, and creativity displayed at this elevated level by the finalists is truly exhilarating, said Shailesh Grover, the Chief Digital and Innovation Officer of Hong Leong Bank.

We anticipate great accomplishments from Aphelia, confident that they will have a significant impact in the aerospace industry and contribute positively to Malaysia and the ASEAN region alike.

As Aphelia advances to represent Malaysia at the prestigious Grand Finale in Silicon Valley, we convey our best wishes for their journey. May their presence at this global platform inspire startups across Malaysia, igniting a passion for progress, unwavering dedication, and visionary pursuits towards unparalleled success.” added Grover.