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Materialise your ideas to life by embracing the power of prototyping

3D Printing | Ultimakers
Laser Engraving | GCC LaserPro S400
Laser Cutting | GCC LaserPro S400
CNC Milling | Stepcraft M1000
Consultancy and Services

Receive technical guidance from our in-house experts to upscale your prototypes

3D Modeling
Technical Advisory
Customised Production
Programme Development

Expand your knowledge and develop skills in various fabrication technologies

3D Design
Electrical & Electronics
Facilities Rental

Optimise Your Business Scalability

Access to state of the arts equipments, tools, and spaces for discussion throughout your prototyping journey

3D Printers


Laser Machine

GCC LaserPro S400

CNC Machine

Stepcraft M1000

Power Tools &
Hand Tools

Workshop Area

Discussion &
Open Area