Ideal Space for Exeptional Experience

Our sustainable technology ecosystem also includes state-of-the-art amenities made to benefit you.


Access to parking is a foundational need for many. Our well-constructed parking lots provides vehicular access without the added obstacle and stress.

Total Number of Parking Lots
Total Parking Blocks
Platform Payment
Cashless Payment


Whatever your needs, they are within reach. MRANTI offers access to various retail stores for your convenience and ease.

i - Shoppe
Mesra Petronas

Petrol Stations

Petrol stations are located within the vicinity to seamlessly facilitate all movements and economic activities.

Petronas 1
Petronas 2
Shell 1
Petron 1

Food & Beverage

Malay, Mamak to Arabic food, there are various eateries to choose from. That way, quickly grab your fill without needing to leave your space—that makes for even more productivity.

Jalal Corner
Mamak Food
Nats Catering
Nasi Campur, Nasi Arab
Ridz Classique
Masakan Panas
JOM Foodcourt
San Francisco


Manage your finances with ease at a Maybank branch that is within reach.

Tel :+603-8996 1070

Auxiliary Police

Your peace and safety is our utmost priority. Auxiliary Police with a trained Emergency Response Team are stationed within your vicinity and are at your service 24/7.

Auxiliary Police stationed 24/7 ready with trained Emergency Response Team


Should health-related issues arise, visit the nearest healthcare facility that is located within the area.

Klinik Tan & Mano

Recreation Centre

Continue to maintain your healthy lifestyle while having fun at the same time, at our various recreational centres that are accessible to all.

Futsal Court
RM30 - RM80 /. Hour
Badminton Court
RM20 / Hour
Squash Court
RM20 / Hour
Basketball Court
RM40 / Hour
RM70 / Month
Games Room
RM2 / Game
Aerobic Studio
RM50 / hour

Event Space

Get access to extremely atmospheric space with a lot of potential to conduct events that you have planned. Big crowds to small, we have a event spaces catered for all.

Auditorium & Lobby Area
Resource Centre
160 pax
Auditorium & Lobby Area
Enterprise 4
420 pax
Lobby Area & VIP Room
Networking Lounge, RC
30 - 40 pax

Meeting Rooms

Have access to private and secure conference rooms to hold meetings, conduct training or strategy-building sessions with peace of mind.

Conference Room (Boardroom)
160 pax