I-Nation 2023
Join Us for a Sustainable Future
We are constantly reinventing ourselves to align with MRANTI's vision as a research commercialisation agency, driving the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) agenda. This year, we'll explore the potential of technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability (ESG).
20 November 2023
Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur
People & Planet
The theme will be focusing on technology, ESG, sustainability and impact based on the 4IR foundational technologies and tech areas adopted under MRANTI
Event Components


Main Conference - 20 sessions


Workshops and Labs - 3 sessions


Pocket Talks - 3 sessions



This year, we're diving deep into"People & Planet".

Because we believe that technology should not just be smart; it should also be socially responsible.

Sustainability in Focus

Let's talk about making a positive impact on our planet through sustainable practices. MRANTI is leading the charge here, making things not just high-tech but also green.

Supercharger is in the Mix

We've teamed up with MRANTI Supercharger to turbocharge this event. Get ready for some next-level insights, guidance  and opportunities in the world of Research & Development and Commercialisation & Innovation (R&D&C&I).


We're rolling out the red carpet for the latest in technology and innovation at the National Technology and Innovation Sandbox (NTIS) during I-Nation 2023. This is where you get to see tech in action!

HIVE 6 - 8

Ready to expand your discoveries into the market?
Companies seeking growth in the market might find this space to suit.


HIVE 1 - 4

For medium sized businesses and those expanding out of MRanti, locally & internationally



A concept office suitable for solo entreprenuers, coder & innovatorsin early stages of development



A space built to assist companies venturing in life science discoveries and turning them into commercial value.



  • To advance knowledge on technology innovations, and discuss its impact on the future economy;
  • To break the boundaries of the 4IR by building conversations on 4IR and in line with ESG goals;
  • To position MRANTI as an agency that accelerates commercialisation of R&D with 4IR central to its mission;
  • To build awareness on MRANTI’s ESG-related initiatives and plans; and
  • To create an experiential event where attendees will be able to witness and experience MRANTI Park’s state of the art integrated infrastructure and facilities.

Scalable Products / Technologies

Create, experiment and give life to ideas in a boundless environment through new age technologies, tools & facilities, guided by industry players to create groundbreaking impact.

  • Advancing knowledge on technology innovations, and get into discussion of its impact on the future economy
  • Breaking the boundaries of the 4IR by building conversations on 4IR and in line with the Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals
  • Accelerating commercialisation of R&D with 4IR at the core
  • Creating an experience of MRANTI Park’s state of the art integrated infrastructure and facilities to enable innovations
Dzuleira Abu Bakar
Group Chief Executive Officer,
Dr. Dilshaad Ali
Chief Executive Officer,
King Abdullah Medical City,
Saudi Arabia
Vaibhav Dua
McKinsey & Company,
Anita Schjøll Brede
Co-founder of Iris.aiWorld’s Top 50 Women in Tech in 2018
Michael Peng
Chief Creative OfficerMoon Creative LabFormer Partner & MD at IDEO Tokyo
Inma Martinez
Digital Pioneer  & A.I. Scientist
IIyas Vali
Co-Founder, rLoop
Sir James Dyson
Inventor & Founder of Dyson Ltd
Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Asma Ismail
President, Akademi Sains Malaysia
Datuk Ir. Khairil Anwar Bin Ahmad
President & Chief Executive Office, Iskandar  Investment Berhad
Ts. Dr. Mahaletchumy Arujanan
Executive Director, The Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre Editor-in-Chief, The Petri Dish
Prof Charles Fine
MIT Sloan School of Management



Inclusive Growth
Food Security
Climate Change
Supply Chain
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For Whom

Quadruple Helix Community
Supporter and implementer of government policies and initiatives to enable change at national level
Researchers who solve problem statements through scientific findings and provide a platform to commercialise their solutions
Submission of problem statements for consideration - whether to buy/use local innovations and stimulate collaborations
Civil Society
These innovations will benefit all members of society and encourage them to become innovators themselves

Scalable Products / Technologies

Create, experiment and give life to ideas in a boundless environment through new age technologies, tools & facilities, guided by industry players to create groundbreaking impact.

I-Nation is a gathering of creative thinkers who share a desire to change the world by disrupting the status quo with bold ideas and positive, forward-thinking discourse. Inspiring others through the sharing of powerful ideas and insights, the members of our community live up to the ideals of thought leadership, innovation, and adaptability.

Satellite Programmes
IP Commercialisation Clinic for University Spin-off companies and Commercialisable R&D Projects

The clinic strives to reach 30 individuals, start-ups, spin-off companies to meet and discuss with 5 subject matter experts with different specialisations to seek advice and guidance on their respective issues. This clinic is akin to a customary private clinic where the experts will provide consultation to companies in specific areas of concern. Some areas that will be covered during the sessions include: IP management, commercialisation pathway, funding, testing (sandbox).

Rahim Sirajudin
Senior Manager,
IP Services
IP Management
Commercialisation Strategy
Find Out More
Rossuriana Hamzah
Senior Manager,
Technology Commercialisation
Commercialisation Strategy
Find Out More
Azim Akbar
Senior Technology Analyst,
Technology Commercialisation
IP Management
Commercialisation Strategy
Find Out More
Sabila Husna
Senior Technology Analyst,
Technology Commercialisation
IP Management
Commercialisation Strategy
Find Out More
Nurul Nadhirah
Assistant Manager.
Technology Commercialisation
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Building Sustainable University Spin-Offs : The Roles of Research Management Centre, Technology Transfer Officers, Researchers

The objective of the workshop is to provide insights and guidelines to key stakeholders within the university ecosystem towards building sustainable uni-spin offs.

Course Overview: University spin-offs are vehicles through which intellectual properties (IP)    housed at universities, meet the real world. The success of university spin-offs depends on three offices working together simultaneously: The Research Management Centres (RMC), Technology Transfer Officers (TTO) and Researchers.

Workshop Modules
  • Introduction to deep tech university spin-offs and the (simultaneous) roles of RMC, TTO and researchers towards building sustainable deep tech university spin-offs
  • Research Management Centres (RMC) - Utilising the IP databases towards the building of university spin-offs
  • Technology Transfer Office (TTO) - Leveraging strategic partnerships towards scaling university spin-offs
  • Researchers - Coordinating research activities toward building spin-offs
  • Bringing it All Together Using the Constellation’s University Commercialisation Framework.
Desired Outcomes
  • Learn how to filter the IP database for commercialisable IPs
  • Learn the right collaboration agreements to sign with industrial partners
  • Learn how to coordinate research activities towards commercial values
Key Takeaways
  • The Power of 3 - The alignment of 3 key roles within the university - namely, the Research Management Center (RMC), Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and Researchers will enable for sustainable uni spin-offs
  • More than Commercial! - University spin-offs are vehicles through which research findings from the university can be sustainably offered to the real world
  • Research AND Commercialisation - Research and commercialisation are not two things apart, and a successful commercial vehicle can be the key to meaningful research work.
Brunsfield TusStar
About GMP China

TusStar Malaysia is a part of China's largest technology incubator network, with 300+ locations across 70+ cities. It is a joint venture between TUS Holding and Brunsfield International Group.TusHolding is a diversified science and technology holding group that holds USD ~$30bn in assets under management and is the largest science park operator in the world.

TusStar Malaysia is an integrated platform that provides innovation services across all stages of startup enterprises. Capitalising our end-to-end financing system and extensive resources to provide low-cost, training, funding, full-cycle innovative and pioneering services for high-tech projects to create regional innovation ecosystem. TusStar strives to be the most humanized incubator for startups and enterprises globally.

Application Date
1st June - 9th July 2021
Programme Date
1st August - 24th September 2021
Programme Fees
RM 5,000 per Startup
2-3 person per Startup
*Should there be any traveling, expenses to be borne by the startup.
USMAC & Pixel Play Ventures

US Market Access Center (US MAC) is a tech accelerator located in Silicon Valley (from San Francisco to Menlo Park). For decades, the road ahead for any technology company anywhere in the world, has led to Silicon Valley in Northern California, US. It is home to many global technology giants like HP, CISCO, Facebook, Google and Apple – just to name a few. It is the center for billions of dollars in tech funding, partnerships and client deals and the home of the legendary entrepreneurial culture that powers the world’s most important technologies.

Pixel Play Ventures (PPV), is a Venture Capital Management Corporation registered with Securities Commission Malaysia. It’s a fund manager focusing on investing in rapidly growing early-stage companies that fits its ethical venture-build philosophy.

Application Date
27th July - 13th September 2021
Programme Date
4th October - 3rd December 2021
Programme Fees
RM 5,000 per Startup
2-3 person per Startup
Conference Themes
  • Healthcare
  • Climate Change
  • Inclusive Growth
  • Supply Chain
  • Food Security
Satellite Events (Parallel)
  • Workshops / Labs
  • Pocket Talks (Partners)
  • Mentoring
Ongoing Session
  • Exhibitions
  • MRANTI Maker’s Lab
  • Meet the IP Expert
I-Nation 2022

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Our two-day hybrid event comprised a power-packed programme line-up happening physically at MRANTI Park, as well as a virtual component on our online platform


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Funding Facilitation



SYNDES Technologies
PwD Smart FarmAbility
MyMedikal Healthcare (Social Enterprise)
Komuniti Tukang jahit (Social Enterprise)
Seven Tea One (Social Enterprise)
GOLD (Social Enterprise)
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So, why should you be excited? Because here at I-Nation 2023, it's where brains collide, big ideas take shape, and society benefits from some seriously groundbreaking discussions. We're here to inspire, empower, and create a real impact.

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