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GMP Thailand

TDP is Southeast Asia's most prominent tech and startup hub, spanning over 200,000 sqm. The park is a critical driver for the development of the startup and innovation ecosystem. All under one roof, startups, entrepreneurs, tech companies, investors, accelerators, incubators, academics, and government agencies co-exist in  TDP’s interconnected ecosystem. TDP gives vast expansion opportunities across digital domains and geographical spaces.

Programme Information

Application Date
29 May -
30 Jul 2023
Programme Date
11 Sep -
24 Nov 2023
Programme Fees
RM 5000 per startup (2-3 pax)
2-3 person per Startup
Programme Stages
Pre-Immersion Trip
5 Days
  • Introductions to Thailand’s Government Agencies
    An introductory meeting to better address startups’ expansion potentials in Thailand.
  • Meet The Community
    A one-on-one meeting with Thailand’s communities of interest to dig deeper into the challenges that each startup would like to solve in the country.
  • Doing Business in Thailand
    A seminar session to better understand the regulations and legal compliances of running a foreign company in Thailand.
  • Strategic Partners Meeting
    A one-on-one meeting with each potential strategic partners to further explore partnership probabilities.
  • Introduction to Anchor Mentor & 1:1 Mentoring
    Introduction session to anchor mentor that will give local expert perspective to build solutions in Thailand.
Immersion Trip
5 Days
Startups & Stakeholders client facing
  • The immersion programme will be the first activity for the startups to start doing a client-facing work with local stakeholders and get deeper insight in scaling up their business in Thailand.
  • The immersion programme will help startups get in touch with its local partners to better analyse collaborations and scaling up potential in Thailand.
  • During the Immersion programme, startups will meet their potential partners on how it is like to run a business in Thailand.
  • *Partners connected to the startups will be decided based on startups needs during pre-immersion*
5 Days - Physical
  • Workshop to assist our Malaysian startups to derive a product/solution market-fit strategy for the Thailand market to accelerate speed-to-market.
Validation Trip
5 Days - Physical
Validation and long-term partners meeting
  • Validation meetings and long-term partners meeting will be held for a week in finalising the product and scale up plan of each startups in Thailand.
  • The validation trip will help the startups in making sure that the solutions provided fits for market in Thailand through validation meetings with the stakeholders or potential customers.
Validation Metrics
  • Stakeholders Mapping with Startups
    Startups will meet the strategic partners in discussing their product to later decide whether its solutions fit for the market or need further development.
  • Initial Meeting: Engagement with Stakeholders <> Startups
    Through extensive meeting, the startups will be discussing the operations of the business with preferred strategic partners in Thailand.
  • Target Setting & Procurement Meetings
    The target setting & procurement meeting will be the follow-ups for the startups and the strategic partners in setting up partnership target and seal the deal.
  • Post-Programme: Tracking metrics & reporting
    Bi-Weekly tracking with the startups for 3 months will help the alignment of goals and ensuring the achievement of the key desirable metrics of the business.
Closing Ceremony
1 Day
  • Company Showcase - The companies showcase is to highlight companies and partners collaborations during the time of programme. The showcase will be pre-recorded and broadcasted publicly to announce the products to the public.
  • Networking Session - The networking sessions will invite our networks from the private sector, VCs, or Government agencies partners to further look at collaborations after the products are established.


High Growth - Expansion Stage / Researchers’ Spin-Offs  
(expansion ready with validated business model)
Strong Financial Records
(minimum RM 1 Mil per annum)
(TRL 6 or Series A and above)
Solid Traction
(secured sufficient local market with steady transactions)
Majority Malaysian-owned or IP based in Malaysia

Prioritised Verticals

Agri Tech
Health Tech
Smart Manufacturing
Smart Cities
(Drones, Logistic & Automotive's)
Programme Timeline
Application Opens
May 2023
Application Closes
June 2023
Global Market-Fit Programme Thailand 2023
11 - 15 September 2023
25 September - 6 October 2023
9 - 13 October 2023
Validation Trip
13 - 17 October 2023
Closing Ceremonies
20 - 24 October 2023
Incentives Offer
MRANTI, MyStartup Hub Programme Is Offering Incentives Worth USD 5,750 To Selected Global Startups Under The MyStartup Hub Programme!
Stage 0: Access To Malaysia Programme Cost Is USD 1500.
How can I claim the Incentive?

After Stage 0, if your company chooses to proceed with the programme in Malaysia, upon fulfilling the following commitments,

  • SSM registration with paid up capital and,
  • Hire more than 3 local talents

You may apply to claim the incentives. Upon approval, MRANTI shall grant the  Stage 2 Talent Hiring Incentive (USD 750) + Stage 3 Market Access Programme (worth USD 3,500) to you.

Note: MRANTI will provide guidance and assistance to fulfill the requirement 1 & 2. Once you have completed Stage 1 & Stage 2 you will be subjected to approval to go through Stage 3 which will be fully sponsored by MRANTI. Stage 3 incentive cannot be claimed in the form of cash.

Disclaimer: We DO NOT guarantee in providing specific connections that you want and DO NOT guarantee successful partnerships, we will be assisting you at best effort basis. All costs incurred during Stage 1 - business registration, visa, employment passes, process applications & etc; Stage 2 - talent hiring process applications, commission and fees & etc are to be borned by the startup unless mentioned otherwise. *Terms & Conditions apply

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