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Sarawak Product Innovation & Commercialisation Engagement (SPICE)
Dec 2, 2022 2:30 PM
Dec 3, 2022 5:30 PM
TEGAS Digital Village, Sama Jaya High Tech Park, Kuching, Sarawak
Admission is Free

This programme promotes and instils commercialisation expertise, which accelerates the development of technical breakthroughs from concept to impact, so that the general public can learn how to commercialise their ideas. 'SPICE' will be an event whereby we allow and invite the public, researchers, innovators, and technopreneurs, to participate in education and activity together. In particular, the one from the Arts & Culture, Agricultural, Forestry, and Drone IoT industries.This initiative promotes and instils commercialisation information that accelerates the development of technological innovations from concept to impact.

Who is it for?

  • Local talent
  • Innovators
  • Local researchers
  • Educators
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Founders
  • Community of Sarawak that wants to adopt technology in their practices & ideas.

From the session

  • Recognise the significance of converting creativity into revenue.
  • Give us the authority to use an innovation checklist and best practices.
  • Funding and specialist contacts will help you scale your ideas.
  • Create opportunities for businesses to grow and expand their revenue.
  • Experiences with drones as well as the smart farming business
  • Adoption of technology within the cultural and artistic fields.
  • Improve our knowledge, skills, and abilities while also expanding our network.


2nd December

2:30 PM - Participants Registration
3:00 PM - Welcome Remark by Encik Andi Suswandi Shamsuddin, Head of Government & Strategic Engagement (GSE) & MaGIC Sarawak
3:05 PM - Networking and Hi Tea Begins
3:15 PM - Silat-trument Technology in New Generation (STING), Silat Sarawak Musical Adaptation in Technology
4:30 PM - eSports Martial Arts Premiere Sarawak Promotion Silat Tournament, Martial Arts Culture in Digital Arena

3rd December

8:00 AM - Arrival of guests | Networking & Breakfast
9:00 AM - Meet Again "Hello MRANTI" by Encik Khalid Yashaiya, Chief Strategy Officer, MRANTI
9:30 AM - Growth Wheel (Strategy for Growth) by Cik Rosin binti Mond Daud, Ecosystem Development, MRANTI
10:00 AM - Morning Break - Booth Activity
10:30 AM - Commercialisation Talk : Concept to Commercialisation Pathway by Nurhidayah binti Mond Akil, Special Project - Policy and Government Relation, MRANTI
11:30 AM - IR4.0: Emerging Technologies and the applications by Encik Hazwan Razak, Ketua Inovasi dan Keusahawanan, SDEC
12:00 PM - Noon Break - Lunch & Booth
1:00 PM - Fireside chat SPICE - Title: Planting the Seeds of Modern Agriculture | Moderator: Encik Jacob Jim | Panelists: Encik Lavinder Singh Jay & Encik Zaidi Bin Jamel
2:00 PM - Incorporation Initiatives in Innovation & Digitalisation by Puan Surah Nor Azizah binti Wasli, Branch Manager, Agrobank Kuching
2:30 PM - Agricultural Tech R&D and case study incorporation by Dr. Peter Morin Nissor, General Manager, Sarawak Research and Development Council (SRDC)
3:00 PM - Supporting Agriculture in Sarawak by Pemangku Pengarah Pertanian Sarawak, Jabatan Pertanian Sarawak
3:30 PM - Dronetech Experience sharing by Mr Aaron Tan, Dronekaki DJI
4:00 PM - Fringe Activity Continue | Lucky Draw & Gift Prizes Giving | Group Photo Session
4:30 PM - Ends

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