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WED Design Challenge - Supercolony Battle Demo Day
Jun 9, 2023 9:00 AM
Jun 9, 2023 12:30 PM
Admission is Free

WED Design Challenge focuses on developing innovative and sustainable solutions for urban planning and smart cities. The goal is to address the growing concerns of social inclusion, environmental regeneration, and promote livability and self-sustainable cities for future generations.The challenge consists of three stages: Ideation, prototyping and implementation. In the ideation stage, participants will propose their ideas and identify key issues and challenges facing smart cities today.

The participants will develop creative and sustainable solutions to address these challenges, taking into account economic, social, and environmental factors. In the implementation stage, participants will present their solutions in a visual format, physical prototype and provide a detailed explanation of how they plan to implement their ideas. The successful Top 10 teams will be taking the centre stage at WED Design Challenge Grand Finale "Supercolony Battle" at MRANTI Park and pitch their prototypes that reimagine the way we live in cities.

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