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[MRANTI Workshop] XR Series: Metaverse Integrant
Feb 23, 2023 9:00 AM
Feb 23, 2023 5:00 PM
MRANTI Training Room 1, Resource Centre, MRANTI Park, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
RM 150

About The Workshop

Extended Reality (XR) engines play an important role in enabling metaverse to be an enthralling virtual experience. They help create immersive and engaging three dimensional environments for the metaverse.

This hands-on workshop explores the pieces that make up the building blocks of the metaverse in its physical and operational form that then structures the metaverse experiences.

About The Series

What is XR?

It’s short for Extended Reality, a related set of new technologies that are changing the way we interact with the world and with each other: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. The metaverse refers to the ecosystem revolving around XR.

To understand XR and its ecosystem, we need to understand the technologies that enable it. When we understand these enabling technologies; how they are used, and what their future holds, we’ll be well equipped to deal with XR ecosystems as it rapidly evolves and converges.

In the 21 sessions of the Metaverse Series, we will present and share XR/Metaverse ecosystem in 3 aspects:

  • XR/Metaverse Technology – looking into infrastructure, devices, software, etc.
  • XR/Metaverse Economy – looking into business models, integration, utility, etc
  • XR/Metaverse Society – looking into framework, ethics, sustainability, etc

Using a broadly chronological approach, we will focus on how all of the underlying technologies came together at key moments in the history of XR to launch the concepts of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into the mainstream consciousness. Throughout the Series, we’ll give a description of each of the supporting technology, some history about when it first came into use, its limitations, future potential for improvement and how it’s used for AR, VR, and MR.

Key Takeaways

Completing the Series will enable learners/participants to:

  1. Describe and apply the theoretical concepts of XR/Metaverse
  2. Use appropriate tools to develop XR applications
  3. Design an XR/Metaverse environment
  4. Evaluate the XR experience and improvements
  5. Analyse the economics and impact of XR

Who Should Attend?

The Metaverse Series is aimed for those who want to:

  • EXPLORE with XR and its intended utility in either solving national problems or gamifying business processes or even for entertainment and education purposes.
  • ENGAGE and deep dive into the details of the technology that is driving XR, its economic benefits, and societal impact to then provide informed decisions and solutions,
  • ADVOCATE and intend to become the ambassador of the XR development cause.

This is the 2nd session in the XR Series. Catch up on the 1st session here.

HRDF Guide To Claim:

Apply for a grant under the e-TRiS system.

Please email suzy@asiatech.ltd for the quotation.

  • Meals will be provided.
  • A micro badge will be accorded to each participant upon the completion of a session.
  • Laptop is required.

Why Join Us?

“Thank you for the useful information, tools and resources shared during the session” - Chang Seng

“Great sessions to enhance our knowledge to improve what we don’t know” - Chan

“I like the tools that’s provided, I see that it will be useful” - Nora

Dr Eric Balan
Chief Executive Officer of Asiatech Education
Dr Eric Balan
Chief Executive Officer of Asiatech Education
Dr Mohar Yusof
Dr Mohar Yusof
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