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[MRANTI Webinar] Understanding the Branding/ Marketing/ Sales Cycle
Aug 24, 2023 11:00 AM
Aug 24, 2023 1:00 PM
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Branding is an essential part of the marketing plan that companies, businesses and organisations use to differentiate themselves from competitors and remain relevant in the minds of consumers. Done well, brands help consumers discover and stay loyal to the brands which satisfy their need. In other words, brands simplify consumers purchase decision and enhance their lives.

Join us in the first webinar in the Branding for Market Series that provides an insight into 10 important key steps of the Branding, Marketing & Sales Cycle for Market.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify key steps in Branding such as how to choose most suitable product/service/purpose, identify target segment, fix brand position against competitors, and formulate brand identity & unique messages
  • Discover key steps in Marketing, namely how to establish desired relationships with customers, identify marketing channels, fix marketing calendar & budget, prepare marketing tools & team and execute marketing campaigns
  • Learn the key steps in Sales specifically how to close sales and deliver value in your businesses

Course Breakdown

  • 75 minutes presentation
  • 15 minutes Q&A

Why Join Us?

“Very helpful and informative. Innovative platform. I learned many things which I may not have discovered on my own based on the limitations of my time and knowledge. So, attending the MRANTI talks has opened up my mind to new knowledge and insights. I am so grateful to the MRANTI platform.”

“Thank you for the useful information, tools and resources shared during the session” - Chang Seng

“Great sessions to enhance our knowledge to improve what we don’t know” - Chan

“I like the tools that’s provided, I see that it will be useful” - Nora

Silmyi Bin Mohamed Sadek
Silmyi Bin Mohamed Sadek
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