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MRANTI Supercharger Open Mic Series #1
Mar 15, 2023 5:00 PM
Mar 15, 2023 7:00 PM
Resource Centre, MRANTI Park
Admission is Free

Introducing MRANTI pitching session Supercharger Open Mic! This time around we will be conducting a pitching session for individuals & researchers with Ideas to Impact. So take a seat, relax, and network with potential innovators and other industry experts.

Meanwhile, we’re calling for innovators who have an idea to solve a real problem to pitch, validate your idea and get funnelled to MRANTI and ecosystem initiatives.

About Supercharger Open Mic

Supercharger Open Mic Series #1 event is a  pitching session aimed to help researchers and any individuals with Ideas to Impact to improve their pitching skills. It is organized by the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI).

The theme for this session is Engineering and we are open to any technology researchers & individuals who are looking for potential funding, collaboration, networks and would like to receive feedback from the invited panel of Grillers. Each session will end with a networking session where participants can network and connect with other entrepreneurs in an informal environment. We are expecting around 50 pax of participants for this session.


4:45 PM : Participants arrival & Registration
5:00 PM : Opening remarks by Emcee
5:05 PM : Commencement of the Supercharger Open Mic session (Each Pitch Session only 3 Minutes)
6:00 PM : Feedback session by invited Grillers (Each feedback only 2 Grillers & 3 minutes for each Griller)
6:30 PM : Networking Session + Light entertainment
7:30 PM : End of session

How does it work for Pitchers?

Each Pitchers to be grilled are given 6 minutes
3 minutes - Product showcase/ description/ demonstration by the Startup their product
3 minutes - Grilling session by invited grillers

How does it work for Grillers?
3 minutes - To provide real-time feedback to presenters after each pitching is concluded
3 minutes -  Sharing session focusing on fundraising for pitchers

Interested as a pitchers you may register here: https://bit.ly/PitchatSupercharger

Ideas to grilled  
- To be confirmed

See you guys at the very first MRANTI Supercharger Open Mic Series. Register now!

Steve Chen
Steve Chen
Dzuleira Abu Bakar
Dzuleira Abu Bakar
Prof Rofina Yasmin
Prof Rofina Yasmin
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